Error "User does not have the required Microsoft Permissions for Collaborate" when running New Collaborate Status Check


When running the New Collaborate Status Check, an error message related to the required Microsoft Permissions is displayed.

This error message will vary depending on whether the current user is also the OneDrive Admin for the practice or not. 

  • Not logged in as FYI Admin - Your Practice OneDrive user does not have the required Microsoft permissions for Collaborate. Please have (username) log into FYI and run the Status check.

  • Logged in as FYI Admin - You do not have the required Microsoft Permissions for Collaborate. Click the Fix button to update the Microsoft App permissions.


This error is displayed when the selected OneDrive Admin user does not have the correct Microsoft permissions required for New Collaborate.


The OneDrive Admin user must log into FYI and run the status check. Once displayed, click the Fix button.

Note: The OneDrive Admin User account can be found by referring to Automation - Apps - OneDrive. Refer to Link your Practice's OneDrive Admin Account.

  1. Log into FYI as the OneDrive Admin User.

  2. Navigate to Automation - Apps - Collaborate.

  3. Click Status.

  4. The Status Check will begin running.

  5. For any identified issues, click Fix.

  6. A Microsoft window will be displayed to request approval to apply the correct permissions.
    Note: If you approve the permissions on behalf of the organisation (instead of just the OneDrive Admin User) please allow at least 30 seconds before refreshing the Status Check.
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