Guest Users trying to log into New Collaborate receive an error " You can't complete this action", "You cannot access this yet" or "Sorry, you can't get to this yet"


When a client or guest user is trying to access the New Collaborate site, they're encountering one of the following error messages:

  • You can't complete this action because you're trying to access protected resources as an external user in this organisation.
  • Sorry, you can't get to this yet.
  • You cannot access this right now.


These errors are typically caused when a practice has enabled Conditional Access Policies enabled. When a guest user logs in, one of the policies is triggered and the user will not be able to access the required document or page.


You will need to speak to your IT Administrator, so they can review the sign-in logs for the affected guest user. This will identify which policy is preventing the user from logging in, and whether the user's location is restricted.

Refer to the Microsoft article Troubleshooting sign-in problems with Conditional Access

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