Embrace Automation (Feb 2024)

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Find out how you can embrace automation with FYI to manage your processes so your team can elevate their productivity to new heights.

In this 45-minute webinar, we’ll guide you through creating processes for your practice that will allow your team to elevate their productivity to new heights, inspire you to continue to improve your automations, or start your journey to automation with FYI.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • How to use Automation to archive documents
    Guiding you through how to automatically archive documents based on specific criteria to ensure your documents are current and meet standards.

  • Setting up an Automation to establish a new entity
    See how to trigger tasks and documents required to ensure that a new entity is set up correctly and nothing is missed.

  • Using Automations to set and forget your recurring jobs
    Demonstrating how you can create a job based on specific criteria, making sure that all obligations are met for your clients without needing to check every cycle.

  • How to build your own Custom Process
    We know each practice is unique, so we’ll show you how to map a custom process to build an FYI Automation.

And of course, lots of tips and tricks along the way so you can automate your 2024 and make it count for your team and clients.

Click below to play a full recording of the webinar (45 minutes)


Useful Links and Resources

To view the processes and resources that were demonstrated and discussed in this webinar refer to:

For more, visit the Learning Resources, Process Automation and Automation Library sections in Help.

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