Workflow Jobs

The Workflow Jobs feature enables practices to create a "parent" job (Billing Job) containing "sub-jobs" (Workflow Jobs).

This is recommended for practices with a fixed fee setup and needs to monitor and track tasks within a Billing Job. For example, there could be one annual Billing Job for a Client Group covering all the services for that group. Within the Billing Job, individual Workflow Jobs would be created for the interim jobs for the year, such as the BAS and GST for each quarter.

Workflow Jobs are available automatically for practices on the Elite plan. For all other FYI plans, Legacy Workflow Jobs must be enabled in Job Settings. Refer to Managing Practice Settings for Jobs.

Summary of FYI Workflow Jobs

Identifying Workflow Jobs 

You can display Workflow Jobs in lists, in the Job workspace and using the Job Drawer. 

Job Type is available in the columns that can be selected in the Jobs list (refer to Using the Jobs Lists). This shows either "Billing” or "Workflow". This can be saved in the views.

The Job Type displays in the Jobs Lists and in the Job - Summary tab as "Billing" or "Workflow". It displays as the following icons:

2172_Billing_Job_Job_Type_Icon.gif Billing Job
Any Jobs created in FYI as a Billing Job (Elite plan only), synchronised from Xero Practice Manager, or created in FYI by an automation and then synced to Xero Practice Manager.

2173_Workflow_Job_Job_Type_Icon.gif Workflow Job
Any Workflow Jobs created in FYI as a Workflow Job (Elite plan only) or via a sync with Xero Practice Manager Job Tasks when Legacy Workflow Jobs has been enabled for your practice and there are XPM tasks on the Billing Job.

Workflow Jobs State

You can use any of the Job States that are set up for your practice in FYI. An FYI Admin can set up any additional Job States as required to use for Workflow Jobs. Refer to Job States and Managing Job States.

A user without permission to edit Jobs can only change the State and, if your practice has Job Cabinet Security enabled in your Practice Settings, the Cabinet.

An FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Edit Job can make changes to any of the fields that can be edited (refer to Managing User Groups).

Updating Workflow Jobs

Workflow Jobs can be updated in the same way as standard jobs. Jobs Bulk Update can also be used to update multiple Workflow Jobs at the same time. Changes can also be made in the Job drawer and Job - Summary and the State can be changed by dragging the Job in the Jobs Board

Recording Time for Workflow Jobs

You can record time against the Workflow Jobs. Time will be displayed against both the Workflow Job, and the Billing Job.

Job Category

The Job Category assigned to the Billing Job is populated against the Workflow Jobs, and can be used as a filter in views.

Displaying the Billing Job column for Workflow Jobs on the Jobs List

When viewing the Jobs List, while both Billing Jobs and Workflow Jobs are displayed, adding the optional Billing Job column to the List will display the Billing Job for each Workflow Job. The Billing Job will be displayed as a link to easily open the Billing Job Workspace. 

Refer to Using the Jobs Lists and Adding, Removing and Moving Columns in the Jobs Lists


Integration with Xero Practice Manager

If integrated with Xero Practice Manager, but FYI has been selected as the Practice Management source, only the Billing Job will be synchronised. Workflow Jobs are managed in FYI, and will not create Tasks in XPM. Refer to Synchronising with Xero Practice Manager where FYI is enabled as the PM Source

Create a Workflow Job

Billing and Workflow Jobs can be created by clicking the button and selecting Job, or by pressing the shortcut key. 

Refer to Create a Job.


Adding Assigned Users

For Workflow Jobs, the Assigned Users are added with Custom User Roles. The Custom User Roles used for Assigned Users must be set up by an FYI Admin in your Practice Settings in the Mappings tab. Once created, the name of the User can be selected in the Custom Field in the Workflow Job. Refer to Managing Mappings.

An FYI Admin or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Edit Custom Fields can then select the relevant user(s) that are the Assigned users for the Workflow Jobs in the. Job - Custom Fields tab. Refer to Job Custom Fields.

Note: If a Custom Field has not been mapped to the Assigned User, the job will not display as assigned to the user, and will not be displayed in the Home - My Jobs tab.

Creating Time for a Workflow Job

Time can be entered for a Workflow Job from the Job drawer.


Create Time displays and the Time can be entered in the same way as for a document and the Job is automatically selected.

The following is an example of adding Time to a Workflow Job.


The Time entry displays in your Home - My Time

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