Managing Job Categories

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Elite plan is currently in Beta for practices in the United Kingdom.

Job Categories are used to segment and filter your Jobs List.

Note: This feature is only available for practices on the Elite Plan where FYI has been selected as the Practice Management source.

Displaying the Jobs Category List

  1. In FYI, click Settings in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Select Practice Settings and then select Jobs.
  3. Click the Job Categories tab.

The list of Job Categories is displayed.

Creating a Job Category

  1. From the Job Categories list, click the + Add button to open the Create Job Category drawer.
  2. Enter the Name. This will be displayed in the Job Summary tab of a Job, and in the Jobs List "Category" column.
  3. Click the Filing drawer to expand the section.
  4. To begin using the category immediately, select a Status of Active. To keep the Job Category hidden, select Archived.

Once you have created Job Categories, you will need to apply the appropriate category to each of your jobs.

Updates can be applied to jobs either individually, or in bulk. Refer to the following articles for more details:

Editing a Job Template

From the Job Categories list, click on a Category to open the Update Job Category drawer.

If the required Category isn't visible, click the Unhide icon to unhide the Archived Job Categories.

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Update the fields as required, changes will be saved automatically.

Job Category Activity Log

Changes to the Status and Name will be displayed in the Activity section next time the Job Category drawer is opened.

Note: Job Categories synchronised from Xero Practice Manager will not display anything in the Activity Log until they have been updated in FYI.

Adding Additional Columns to the Job Categories List

In the Job Categories list, you can modify which columns are displayed, making it easier to manage your Job Categories.

Click the Columns tab on the left to select or unselect columns accordingly.

Archiving Job Categories

Job Categories can be archived once they are no longer required. 

Once archived, the Job Category will not be available to be selected in the Job Details section of the Job Summary tab. It will continue to be included as a filter option from the Jobs List, meaning there is no impact on existing Views.

To archive a Job Category:

  1. From the Job Categories list, click the required Job Category.

  2. Click the Filing heading to expand the section.

  3. Change the status to Archived.

Xero Practice Management Users

When migrating to FYI from Xero Practice Manager, the list of Job Categories will be imported from Xero Practice Manager. From this point on categories are maintained within FYI.

Note: Updates to Job Categories are not synchronised from FYI to Xero Practice Manager. 

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