Can I share a file using New Collaborate without the client seeing it?


We have a client file that we need to share with a third party, but we don't want the client to see it. Can we use New Collaborate?


New Collaborate is designed to be able to share documents with your clients, either using a direct link to a document or providing access to the entire Share folder.

When the folder is shared with a client, this means the client will have "View" access to all documents in that folder, even if a document wasn't shared with them using a direct link.

If you need to share a client file with another party and don't want the client to see it, we recommend using one of the following solutions:

Share Documents directly using Email

FYI offers multiple ways of sharing files, including email as an attachment (either in their native form or as a PDF). 

By sending an email directly, the file will not be stored in the client's Share Folder in Collaborate.

Refer to Sharing Documents with External Users.

Share Documents using a new Client in FYI

If you regularly send your client files to external contacts, you may find it easier to create a new client in FYI for your third party.

You can then control access to this folder via the Sharing Settings. By default, the client will not have access to this new folder unless they have been explicitly added to the Sharing Settings, or sent a document link.

For example, one of your clients may have an external auditor. Setting up the auditor as a unique client in your practice will enable you to:

  • Create a separate folder for the auditor on New Collaborate that only they can access (not the client).
  • If the opposite is required, you could also add the client to the Sharing Settings for this client in FYI. It means that both the external auditor and the client will have access to the auditor folder, while only the client will have access to their own client folder on New Collaborate.

Refer to Sharing the Share Folder and Upload Folder with Clients.

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