Error when accessing Collaborate using a Gmail account: "Access blocked: has not completed the Google Verification Process"


When a client tries to access shared Collaborate folders on the New Collaborate SharePoint site, if logging in using a Googe email account (Gmail) an error similar to the following error appears:

  • Access blocked: has not completed the Google verification process. The app is currently being tested and can only be accessed by developer-approved testers. 
  • Error 403: access_denied


When enabling Google Federation for the New Collaborate SharePoint site, the Google Project and App that were created has not been published, and have a publishing status of "Testing".

Note: Google has recently made changes to the way apps are accessed, and now requires the app to be verified. 


You will need to publish the Google Project and App.

Refer to the article Enable Google Federation in Azure for external users with Gmail accounts (following the instructions in Step 2).

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