FYI-2123: Unable to log in - email address does not appear to belong to an existing FYI User.


When trying to log into FYI the following error is displayed:

  • Unable to log in - email address does not appear to belong to an existing FYI User.


This issue can be caused by one of the following reasons:

Different Practice and Microsoft 365 Logins

If you have a different email address that you use in your practice management software and for Microsoft 365, FYI allows for an Email Alias, (that is, the Microsoft 365 email address) to be used as an alternate to the practice management software email address.

  1. Click Different Practice and Office Logins.
  2. Click the link text in the prompt "This can be done using FYI's secure Magic Link".

Refer to Logging into FYI with an Email Alias set up using Magic Link.

Not my work Microsoft Account - Another login is still in effect

If this is not your work Microsoft account, you, or anyone else using that computer, has logged in to Microsoft 365 with a personal login and this is still in effect.

Click Not my work Microsoft account. You can then click Learn More to display help. Refer to Why I am being logged in as a different user?

Incorrect Email is being picked up

If it is not picking up the correct email address required to log in, it may be using an old Office email account that has been logged out, is inactive and is not currently set up on your computer.

Your old email account may still be linked in your Settings.

  1. Go to Settings on your computer.
  2. Select Accounts.
  3. Select Access work or school.
  4. Check which account is connected.
  5. If there is an account still connected that should not be, select it and click Disconnect.

Microsoft 365 account has not linked up with FYI

You use the same email address for both your Microsoft 365 account and your practice management software account, but it does not seem to link up.

This can occur if there is a delay in the sync from your practice management software to FYI. FYI uses your practice management software user database as the source for the users in FYI. If there is a delay in this sync, this delays the user being created in FYI.

Wait a while for the sync to happen and try again. If you still cannot log in, please contact the FYI Support Team so they can check the synchronisation between your practice management software and FYI for you.

You have entered an incorrect email address

If you have entered a valid Microsoft 365 account, but not the one you intended:

  1. Click Close.
  2. Close all browsers and log in to FYI again using the correct email address.
    Ensure that you are prompted to Sign in to Microsoft 365.

MYOB Email Address needs to be added/updated

If you have integrated with MYOB AE, the email address used for employees is synchronised from the employee's personal email address. If this field is blank, it can affect the FYI account and prevent the user from logging in.

To resolve the issue, ensure that employees have an email address recorded in MYOB AE in the employee record "Personal" tab. This address should match the email in FYI for the user.

Refer to the MYOB article Editing employee details.

An FYI Admin has Changed or Removed the Alias in your FYI User Profile

  1. Log in as an FYI Admin
  2. Navigate to Practice Settings - General - Users (refer to Managing Users).
  3. Select the relevant user to display the User Profile.
  4. Confirm that the email address is the one the user is attempting to log in with.
  5. Expand the Activity section in the drawer.
  6. Check if the Alias for the user has been changed or removed.
  7. The user then needs to add the Alias back into their account. Refer to Logging into FYI with an Email Alias set up using Magic Link.

You previously signed up for a Trial but did not use the account

If you previously signed up for a trial with that email address but did not proceed to use the account, the user may have been removed. Your web browser may have cached the old sign-up page, causing the issue when trying to log in again in the future.

Please contact the FYI Support Team so they can manually add your user as an Admin user to get you up and running.

When this has been set up, you will then need to do the following:

  1. Log in to FY
  2. Check the version of the FYI web app that you are running. 
    Refer to Checking the latest version of the FYI web app
  3. If you are not running the latest version as advised by the FYI Support Team, refresh the webpage. Refer to Reload/Refresh - Windows or Reload/Refresh - Mac in Additions and changes made to FYI settings, practice settings, views, templates are missing or not showing.
  4. For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, connect to Xero Practice Manager. Refer to Resetting your connection between FYI and Xero Practice Manager.

Our engineering team will also connect the manually added user to your practice management software user. Until this connection is made you will not see the manually created user assigned to any Jobs or Clients assigned.

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