January 2024 Release Notes


Take a look at this month's new features, enhancements and resolutions. 



  • The FYI platform has now transitioned to the fyi.app domain. To access FYI, you should now use the URL go.fyi.app. Notification emails from your FYI platform will be sent from the domain @fyi.app. To ensure you continue to receive notifications successfully, please ensure you have updated your whitelist and Email AutoFile settings as per the article Announcing transition to the domain fyi.app for FYI software and support.

  • We have added an additional check to the New Collaborate Status screen to review the Microsoft Permissions for the OneDrive Admin account. If the current user is the OneDrive Admin account and there is an issue with their permissions, they will be able to click Fix to resolve the issue. Otherwise, the user will be prompted to log out and log back in as the OneDrive Admin user before fixing the issue. Refer to Checking your New Collaborate Status.

  • When selecting a new Admin User from the OneDrive App, we have added a new step to validate whether the new user has recently logged into FYI, and if using New Collaborate, has the correct Microsoft Permissions. If not, an error message will be displayed. Refer to Link your Practice's OneDrive Admin Account.

  • When sharing documents via New Collaborate, the default Email Template will display and can be overridden to select a new Template, or manually draft an email. If the user has already selected an Email Template in the Email Drawer, the default Email Template will not be applied. Refer to Set up New Collaborate and Sharing Documents with Clients.

  • In Home - My Time, time displays in hours and minutes format (hh:mm) to be consistent with the format used when entering time, allowing users to easily reconcile time entries. Refer to Displaying and Updating Time.

  • For users of the Capacity Planning Beta, or on the FYI Elite plan, you can now select whether the Capacity Planning Report will calculate forwards based on the Job Start Date, or backwards from the Job Due Date. Refer to Managing Mappings.


  • We have restored the ability for an FYI Admin to remove the Email Alias from user profiles by clicking the X button in the Email Alias field. The Activity Drawer will record an entry showing the user, date and time the alias was removed.
  • When synchronising users via Practice Sync, the frequency of errors in Practice Activity is reduced when the Display Name or Email Address is missing.
  • When synchronising clients via Practice Sync, if a Custom Field value is removed from a client in the practice management software, the change will be synchronised to remove the value in FYI.
  • Views can be saved and modified in the Automation - Processes list view.
  • When selecting a Job for a client in a Client Group with a large number of clients, the sections in the drawer display without the extended delay.
  • When adding Guest users to New Collaborate, the user can now be removed immediately if required.
  • When sharing documents using Share No Email, the "myprosperity" option will only be displayed in the Send Documents drop-down if the practice has an active integration between FYI and myprosperity.



  • We have introduced a new error message when adding a user to the New Collaborate Sharing Settings to advise when the user's email address is listed as a recovery email address for a different account. The message will also display the associated email address so that IT Administrators can easily locate the user account to update the settings as required. Refer to Unable to add guest user, this email appears to be associated with an existing user

  • For our implementors, we have made several improvements to the Migrate App.

    • A new Migrating Client category will be created to display client information from the historical database as per the Metadata file. For example, the Client Code, Export Code, and Client Name. Refer to Implementors: Live Import.

    • Your connection details will now be displayed when opening the FYI Migrate App to display the logged-in email address and practice name. Refer to How to Use the FYI Migrate App.


  • When sending an Email, if there is an error with a Merge Field in the Email Template an error will be displayed "Unable to Process Template or Signature, Merge Field formatting invalid", and the email will return to the "Draft" status.
  • Where the text of an event in the User Drawer - Activity section is longer than a single line, users can now hover over the text to see the full description of the event.




  • We have reverted the changes made in December 2023 to the Views on the Home workspace. This applies to My Recent, In Tray, My Edits, My Starred, and My Approvals tabs. Refer to Your Home Workspace.



  • We have made performance improvements to the speed of the CCH Central Custom Fields synchronisation.


  • We have resolved an issue with MYOB Practice Sync to ensure the synchronisation will continue even when there is an invalid email listed against a contact.
  • Before creating a new user, Practice Sync will now check the user's email address does not already exist for another user in either the FYI Email or Alias fields.
  • New Collaborate will resume importing documents from the Upload folder when the SharePoint Site URL has been updated to a previous site URL.
  • We have improved the displayed error messages when documents cannot be shared via New Collaborate due to reaching user limits imposed by Microsoft.
  • When using Legacy Collaborate to create a new client folder on OneDrive matching the Client Name in FYI, spaces at the end of the client name will be trimmed to ensure documents can be shared successfully.
  • We have resolved an issue that in certain circumstances when updating a Client Custom Field the cursor would jump to other fields.
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