How to unlock documents with Pending Client Signature workflow status


If a document is sent for signing using a third-party signing service, for example, Annature or FuseSign, and the document has been voided or retracted, the link is deleted in FYI.

We have observed that when multiple documents are sent in one package, these documents are locked to all staff members except admins. Is there a solution available to unlock these documents?


When using the Workflow feature in FYI, documents will be locked when they reach a particular Workflow Status. To unlock the document, a new lower Status level will need to be selected.

Users can only select a document's Workflow Status according to what is permitted for their Approval Level.


Any user with an Approval level can change the locked document's Workflow Status. If the user does not have an Approval Level, another user will need to unlock the document, or an FYI Admin will need to grant the user an Approval level. Refer to the 'Locked Emails and Documents - Read Only Statuses' section in Workflow Basics.

If the Workflow Status cannot be unlocked, you may need to clear the Delivery Status. Refer to Mail Register - Updating the Document Delivery Status as Sent or Received

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