How do I transfer all clients and allocated work from one user to another?


I need to reassign work and clients from one user to another in FYI, as my employee has either gone on leave or has left the practice entirely. How do I process this in FYI?


We have a detailed guide on reassigning users for Tasks, Emails and Documents, Automation Processes, and more. Refer to Steps to Complete before Offboarding a Team Member or Making a User Inactive.

In particular:

  • Address any Emails that are still in the user's In Tray. Refer to Moving Emails/Document to another User's In Tray in Managing your In Tray. An FYI Admin can access emails for an inactive user (refer to FYI Admin view of all Users' In Trays) or the user can temporarily share their In Tray (refer to Sharing your In Tray).

  • Clients can be reassigned by filtering the Clients List and using the Bulk Update function to assign a new user as the Partner or Manager. Refer to Clients Bulk Update.

  • Re-assigning Jobs will depend on your practice management software.  If the user is held as the Assignee in any Jobs, these need to be re-assigned in your practice management software and synced to FYI. Refer to Job Summary and Running a Manual Sync with Xero Practice Manager and Additional Notes on Syncing.

  • Ensure that any Automation Processes are updated to ensure that documents and emails are assigned to and sent from the correct users, or there are no errors that prevent the automation process from being completed. To view the Owner for Automation Processes, refer to List View in Automation Processes.
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