Elite Plan Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of the Elite Plan?

The Elite plan is available for a 40% increase from the Pro plan. For more information on pricing and a comparison of plans, please refer to fyi.app/pricing.

Is there a trial version of Elite?

We intend to offer this in the future but unfortunately is not available today. However, as an introductory offer, we are offering Elite for the price of the Pro plan for three months for you to test and see the return on the investment.

Implementation and Migration

If my practice is using a different PM system than Xero, can my data be migrated to FYI?

Our Practice Management Sync tool will allow you to migrate from other PM systems.

What is the implementation process and what data is migrated?

The Elite plan activation is a simple process and can be completed within an hour. Some PM setup work is required and could take up to 2 hours, for example User Rates, Productivity Targets, and Job templates. All WIP will be migrated to FYI, and invoices up to 18 months prior will be imported (practices will be able to select the date to import invoices from).


If I upgrade to the Elite Plan, what would I use Xero for?

Practice Management will be used exclusively through FYI. You will need to maintain XPM/Xero Tax for your compliance. Elite will move towards maintenance being in FYI which will push back to XPM/Xero Tax so the team will be able to work solely from FYI.

I have monthly recurring invoices in Xero and use the Job reference number to link to XPM. How will this work in FYI?

This process can continue in Xero. The invoice will sync to FYI and link to the job.

Can I use Elite if I'm integrated with Ignition?

Currently, there's an ongoing discussion about the integration between FYI and Ignition, focusing on deploying jobs from Ignition. It's worth noting that Elite offers similar functionalities as Xero Practice Manager.

What happens to the BOMA integration with Xero if FYI is set as my Practice Management solution?

BOMA integrates with Xero HQ and requires minimal data, for example, client name and email address. These details will be continued to be maintained with FYI as the Practice Management solution, due to the underlying connection with Xero.

BOMA can also be connected to Zapier if required.

A connection will still be maintained between Xero Practice Manager and BOMA even after FYI has been selected as the Practice Management solution.

Features and Functionality

What Practice reporting is available?

Our practice reports are available in Excel and can be customised using pivot tables. We will provide you with a range of report templates covering areas like Productivity, Job Profitability and WIP and Invoice reports. 

What's the impact on my team?

Elite has a very minimal impact on you or your team.

For the entire practice, the change would be that time is entered in FYI. Autotime will allow for auto-generated time entries based on tasks. From an invoicing perspective, draft invoices can be raised by an automation when a job reaches a specific state. So the change here is lots of time-saving!

Can Job Templates be linked to Tracking Categories in the Xero Ledger?

Job Templates enable the practice to select specific Chart of Account lines to integrate with the practice's Xero Ledger. They also support the use of custom fields for enhanced segmentation of reporting information in FYI.

However, the current system does not extend to integrating with tracking categories in Xero. Nevertheless, Elite provides advanced reporting capabilities, which can help reduce the dependency on this integration.

Can I switch off Elite?

If you're considering deactivating Elite, it's a straightforward process. Simply contact our support team and they will assist you with the deactivation.

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