Post-migration WIP Reconciliation using the FYI Time Report

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The final step of the migration process is to reconcile the WIP by comparing Xero Practice Manager with FYI. Ensure the WIP entries have been imported into FYI correctly and the balances match.

To compare Xero Practice Manager with FYI, an FYI Admin or a user with permissions to create Views and Reports will need to:

  1. Create a Time Report using the new View with the current WIP entries in FYI.
  2. Compare the Time Report from FYI with the Xero Practice Manager "Unbilled WIP" report.

Note: Non-Billable WIP or Time and Disbursement Entries will not be imported during migration.

Step 1 - Create the Time Report in FYI

  1. In FYI, click the + button and select Report, or press the keyboard shortcut. The Create Report drawer will open.
  2. Ensure the Report field is set to Excel Report.

  3. Select the Time Report from the Template drop-down. This will add the Time field directly below the Template field.
    Note: If there are no templates to select from, please contact the Support Team to add the templates for you.

  4. From the Time field drop-down, select the Current WIP (Submitted Time) view. 
    Tick the option Include All Columns. This means that all available columns from the Time list will be included in the report and used to prepare the data accordingly.

    The View Type drop-down can be disregarded, as we will not require any additional views for this report.

    The Name of the report will be set to the Name entered in the Time Report Template and can be updated if required. By default, the standard name uses an advanced Merge Field to select the previous month and year. For example, if today's date is the 15th of January, the report will be created with the name "Time Report December 2023". Refer to the section "Advanced Merge Fields and Formatting" of Including Merge Fields in Automations for more details.

    The Cabinet will be selected automatically based on the Report Template and can be updated if required.

  5. Click Run.

  6. The report will be generated in the background. Once created, the report can be accessed from the Documents list in the cabinet selected in the filing details. Refer to Using the Documents Lists.

  7. A notification will also be displayed for the user who requested the report to advise it has been completed. The Alerts icon (bell) in the top-right corner of FYI will display a numbered badge, and the Home - Notifications tab will display detailed information. Refer to Comments and Notifications.

  8. To open the Spreadsheet drawer and view the report, click the Document Name link in the notification. Alternatively, the report can be found in the Documents list. Refer to Using the Documents Lists.
  9. From the Edit button drop-down, select Co-Edit.
    Note: Due to the Pivot Table functionality of the report, it's recommended to open the report in the Desktop version of Microsoft Excel.
  10. The report will be displayed in Microsoft Excel.

Step 2 - Compare FYI with Xero Practice Manager

Reconcile the entries in this report with the Xero Practice Manager Unbilled WIP Report to confirm all entries have been imported successfully.

If you need to re-export the report from Xero Practice Manager, refer to Import Xero Practice Manager Unbilled WIP Report.

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