FYI PM Migration: Before You Begin - WIP Clean Up, Job Review and Archive XPM Job Templates

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Elite plan is currently in Beta for practices in the United Kingdom.

Before migrating to FYI as your new Practice Management system there are two key housekeeping matters that we highly recommend are actioned.

WIP Clean Up

It's a good idea to review and clean up the Work in Progress (WIP) balances before all entries are imported into FYI. Cleaning your WIP can significantly contribute to the speed and efficiency of the migration process. 

Review your WIP in Xero Practice Manager (XPM) and identify any jobs with outstanding balances. This might be unbilled expenses, milestones or deliverables, or there may be incomplete or inaccurate time entries. You will need to determine whether the WIP should be invoiced or written off.

At a minimum, completing the following steps will provide a smoother transition and make it easier to reconcile your data:

  1. Review all jobs with an outstanding WIP balance
  2. Determine whether the WIP should be invoiced or written off
  3. Communicate with your clients regarding the WIP balances if needed.

Refer to the Xero article Track your work in progress.

It's recommended to implement a regular process moving forward to review outstanding WIP frequently. During the migration to FYI for practice management, you will be prompted to create a Current WIP report in FYI. This report can be used as part of a regular process to reconcile outstanding WIP balances.

Job Review

We also recommend that practices review their active Jobs before migrating to FYI as your Practice Management system after completing the WIP clean-up. If a job no longer has WIP, it's a good idea to complete this job in FYI or Xero Practice Manager (XPM).

If your practice is currently using Standard Jobs in FYI, the WIP from the corresponding job in XPM will sync to the existing standard job in FYI. 


  • WIP for each XPM Task attached to the Job will be rolled up as a single WIP entry on the Job.
  • XPM Tasks will not migrate to FYI as they are not required for future time entry.
  • A breakdown of WIP for each XPM Task will not be available in FYI. If your practice requires this breakdown, consider enabling Workflow Jobs in FYI before completing the migration to FYI as your Practice Management system. Refer to Enabling and Setting up Workflow Jobs.

If your practice is currently using Workflow Jobs in FYI, the WIP from the corresponding XPM Tasks will sync to the existing workflow jobs in FYI. The associated Billing Job will display the sum of all WIP from linked Workflow Jobs in the Job Summary tab.

If you are concerned or have any questions on the WIP migration or your current Job structure in FYI, please contact our Support team

Archive Xero Practice Manager Job Templates in FYI

During the migration, practices will be guided through creating new FYI Job Templates to ensure jobs are created with a consistent format, to manage the Chart of Accounts information when costs are synchronised to the Xero Ledger, and to create an invoice in FYI.

For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, the Job Templates managed in XPM will have previously synchronised to FYI.

The historical Xero Practice Manager Templates should be archived before beginning the migration, making it easier to manage only the new FYI templates. 

Job Templates can be accessed from Practice Settings - Jobs - Templates. Refer to the "Archiving Job Templates" section of Managing Job Templates (Elite).

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