Error "Local file with same path already exists" when editing a document using FYI Desktop App


When trying to edit a document using the FYI Desktop App, the following error message is displayed:

  • Local file with the same path already exists


When using the FYI Desktop App to edit a document, the document is downloaded to the local machine before opening in the relevant application, for example, Microsoft Word.

If a file already exists on the local machine in the same location, the requested file to be edited cannot be downloaded.


The duplicate file will need to be removed or renamed before re-attempting to edit the file. 

To locate the file, refer to the Documents Path specified in the FYI Desktop App Documents Path.

  1. Right-click on the FYI Desktop App icon, and select Settings.

    1608 FYI Desktop Install Settings.gif
  2. Highlight the Documents Path.

  3. Right click and select Copy.

  4. Open File Explorer on the computer.

  5. Click on the address bar at the top, then right-click and select Paste.

  6. The File Path will be added to the address browser. Press Enter on the keyboard, or click on the file path in the drop-down.

  7. The location of the FYI Desktop Files will be displayed. Rename or remove the file accordingly.

  8. Retry editing the document in FYI.

For more information refer to FYI Desktop App.

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