Adding Process Steps for Jobs

Using FYI's automation engine, you can save time managing job administration tasks and data by using FYI actions to create or update jobs. For example, you can automatically create recurring jobs, or roll forward previous jobs to a new period and update job details such as job states or other custom job fields.

There are two types of Job process steps:

    • Creating Jobs
      Allows you to auto-create jobs from job templates and 'roll-over' jobs from prior periods to new periods. 

    • Updating Jobs
      Allows you to automatically change job details as the work progresses, such as job start and due dates, manager and partner.

How To

Quick steps to get you started:

Create Update

To create a job using a custom process, simply follow the steps below:

  1. In the process select Add Step
  2. Locate the Create Job action
  3. Define the Job Name
    Tip: use merge fields for dynamic population of month or year
  4. Search for and select the relevant job Template
  5. Define the job details:
    • Budget
    • Assignee
    • Manager
    • Partner
    • Start Date
    • Due Date
    • And any other relevant fields as required.
  6. Select Save.

    For detailed instructions refer to Process Step Details - Updating Jobs.

Ready to Get Started

Explore pre-built custom processes in our Automations Library that you can import or build that create or update jobs like those outlined above, for example:

  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Job Rollover
  • Track the Date a Job State Changes

Find these processes and more in our Automation Library.

If you're not familiar with Automations, we recommend completing the Getting Started with Automations Learn course, to get up and running with Automations for your practice.

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