Jobs Bulk Update (Beta)

In the Jobs list, you can use the Bulk Update to update selected or all Jobs.

You can first filter the Jobs list and then use the Bulk Update to apply to the Jobs that are currently displayed. You can also filter Jobs with one or more Custom Fields by adding the Custom Field(s) as additional columns.

If you do not have permission to update any fields, the relevant fields are greyed out.

To update an individual job only, refer to the articles in Using the Jobs Workspace.

Features based on User Permissions

All Users

  • All users can update the Job State with the Jobs Bulk Update.
  • If your practice has Job Cabinet Security enabled in your Practice Settings, all users can also use Jobs Bulk Update to update the Job Cabinet.
  • If you do not have access to update other fields, these are greyed out in Jobs Bulk Update.

FYI Admin and Users with Edit Jobs Permissions

The following options are only available to an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Edit Jobs (refer to Managing User Groups).

  • Update the Manager and/or Partner.
  • Name, Budget, Start Date and Due Date
    Enter the Budget for the Job as a monetary amount in a currency format, for example, 1,200.00 or 200.00.
  • Set one or more Job Custom Fields.
    To update the Custom Fields, the user must additionally be in a User Group with Permissions enabled for Custom Fields.

These are the settings that are applied to individual Jobs in the Job - Summary and Job  - Custom Fields tabs. Refer to Job Summary and Job Custom Fields.

Using Jobs Bulk Update

Any or all fields can be updated at the same time.

If any of the settings are not changed, this will keep the original setting in each of the selected Jobs. A message will be displayed in the drawer as a reminder.

  1. If required, first filter the Jobs list to display the Jobs you want to apply the Bulk Update to.

  2. Select one or more Jobs in the Jobs list.

  3. Click the Bulk Update button in the toolbar. Bulk Update displays in the drawer.
    Note: If your practice is not integrated with Xero Practice Manager the Rate


  4. Apply to can be selected as the Jobs that have been selected in the Jobs list or as the filtered Jobs (if no filter has been applied, this will apply to all your Jobs).

  5. Select the setting you want to change for the selected Jobs.

  6. When applying a Job Template to existing jobs, the Job Fields will not be overwritten e.g. Job Name. 
    Elite plans only - If FYI has been enabled as the PM source, a Job Template must be selected for all jobs. When created, Invoices will be synchronised to the Xero Blue account selected in the Job Template settings. Refer to Creating and Maintaining Task Templates (Beta).

  7. Custom Fields
    If you select a Custom Field, when this has been selected from Set Custom Field, a field is added above this and shows as the field name. You are prompted to enter the value to set it to. Once a Custom Field has been selected, it will be removed from the drop-down list as it is already part of the update. You can add additional Custom Fields to be updated by the Bulk Update. Select the additional Custom Field(s) and add the value to set for each.

    When updating a Job Custom Field that is a Date, this can be set either as the "Current Date", "Month End" or as a fixed date.

    "Current Date" sets the Custom Field as 'today's' date. "Month End" will select the last day of the month.


    "Select a Date" allows you to select a specific date. This could be used to update a Custom Field date such as the date the Job was assigned.


  8. Cabinet
    When you select a Cabinet, the relevant Categories display.

  9. Click Run.

  10. A message displays that the Bulk Update has been scheduled to run.
    From the message, you can click the link to the Practice Activity or to the Automation History to check the progress.


View Completed Bulk Updates

The Jobs Bulk Update is run by a Process Job Bulk Update. This process is not shown in the Automation - Processes dashboard or List view.

Updates are displayed in the Job - Activity tab for the relevant Jobs.

An FYI Admin or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Automations or Practice Activity can see when the update has been completed in the Automation - History and Practice  - Activity tabs. From the drawer of an item in Practice - Activity you can click Go to Automation History.


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