Completing a Task with AutoTime (Beta)

This article discusses the various ways to complete tasks. If needed, a Complete task can be re-opened at any time by changing the Status.

Completing Tasks

From your Home - My Tasks or Home - Delegated Tasks tabs

In Home - My Task and Home - Delegated Tasks there is a quick way to complete tasks by clicking the Status column on the left-hand side to mark that a task is “Complete”.

Click the circle in the Status column to complete the task.


From the Update Task Drawer

To update other details, and to set a Task as "Complete" from other lists, display the Update Task drawer and change the Status to "Complete".

From the Task Section in the Drawer or a Document or Job

Expand the Tasks section of the drawer in a document or job to display the outstanding and completed tasks for that email or document.


Using Bulk Update

From the Tasks list, Client - Tasks or Job - Tasks, you can select multiple tasks and use the Bulk Update function to set the Status to "Complete". Refer to Tasks Bulk Update.

Updating a Task from the Process History Checklist

When a Task has been created from a Process, if it has been set as a blocking Task and needs to be "Completed" before the Process will continue, it can be updated from the Client Process History Checklist, or if relevant from the Job Process History Checklist. Refer to Completing a Task from the Process History Checklist in Client Process History Checklist.

Once a Task has been completed

Notify Delegator

When the Status of a task is marked as Complete, as well as updating the task in FYI, an email is sent to notify the delegator. The Notification of a completed task includes the name of the Assignee who completed the task.

AutoTime (Elite only)

If the task was created from a Template or Automation Process using AutoTime, when the task is completed a draft timesheet will be created for the Task Assignee.

If the Assignee is a role, for example, Manager or Administrator, and a user for that role has not been selected for the client or job, a timesheet will not be created.

For information on how to view the draft time entries that were created, refer to Displaying and Updating Time and Disbursement Entries (Beta).

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