November 2023: What's New and Improved


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As we approach the end of the calendar year for 2023, we continue to bring further enhancements to the FYI platform across many different features. We've made exciting new updates to the FYI Desktop App, added new Relative Date filters, improved automations and more! 

This month we introduced a new "Custom" Relative Date Filter to allow users to dynamically filter Lists and Views in FYI. Enter either a negative or positive number of days, weeks, or months, and results will be returned for either historical or future dates relative to the current date accordingly.

The filter also includes the option to select either "Exactly" or "Between", to return results from an exact date only, or all dates between the entered value and today's date. For an example of how this filter can be used, the Jobs List could be filtered to find all jobs due in the next 30 days. 

The new "Custom" Relative Date Filter is also available for Filters and Views used in Automations, adding the ability to further streamline your processes and build efficiency.

For an example of how to use the new Custom Relative Filter, refer to Sorting and Filtering Jobs Lists


For FYI Admins, we have provided the ability to control whether new users should be created with an Active or Inactive status when first synchronised to FYI from Practice Management integrations, for example, Xero Practice Manager. When the option is set for users to be "Inactive", user accounts are created, but the user will be unable to log in until an FYI Admin has activated the account manually. Refer to Managing Practice Settings.


This month we also made substantial improvements to the FYI Desktop App. Users can now edit CSV files, in addition to other documents and PDFs. For users with "Use FYI Desktop" enabled in their settings, when opening a CSV file to edit, the file will be downloaded to the local computer and opened in Microsoft Excel (bypassing Microsoft OneDrive). Using the FYI Desktop App improves the performance of the edit functionality, particularly useful for larger files. Once editing is complete, users will be able to click "Finish Editing" from within the FYI Desktop App to synchronise the file back to FYI.

In addition, users can now click the new Restart button to automatically close and reopen the FYI Desktop App. This is particularly useful when there are new versions of the app. If there are any delays with synchronising documents, users will be notified with a banner displayed at the top of the app and a link to restart the app. Once restarted, the app will resume synchronising documents. 

For details on both of these changes, refer to FYI Desktop App


We've also made many more additional updates to the platform this month:

  • For practices synchronised with Xero Practice Manager, Custom Fields from completed jobs will synchronise for up to 48 hours following the last update of the Job Details. This enhancement ensures consistency between FYI and Xero Practice Manager for any custom fields updated after the job has been completed. Refer to Synchronising Clients, Staff, Jobs, Time, Tax Returns with Xero Practice Manager.

  • We've made several improvements to the Automations feature. Refer to Automation Processes for details on the following changes:
    • When right-clicking on the Automation list, we have added a new Open in new tab option, allowing users to easily open a process in a separate browser tab. This is especially useful if you require two processes to be open at the same time.
    • The Delete function has been removed to ensure that history is kept on the FYI platform. Processes can instead be Archived and hidden from view, and reactivated if the process is required again in the future.
    • The Clone button has been renamed to Copy, to ensure consistency with other functions of FYI.

  • Custom Fields have been improved so that if a URL is added to a "Text" custom field, the link is displayed in the Client and Job Workspaces as a clickable link. For more details, refer to  Managing Custom Fields, Client Custom Fields, and Job Custom Fields. Please note the URL will need to be entered in one of the following supported formats:

For further details on the features mentioned above, including resolutions and further enhancements made this month refer to November 2023 Release Notes.

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