December 2023 Release Notes


Take a look at this month's new features, enhancements and resolutions. 



  • FYI is now integrated with Active Workpapers by Business Fitness. Available to practices in Australia and The United Kingdom, users will be able to link to and preview documents within Active Workpapers, as well as import and file binders for a selected entity and cabinet into FYI. Refer to Integration with Active Workpapers (Australia and the United Kingdom only).


  • For practices using GreatSoft the General Practice Settings now allow FYI Admins to control whether new users should be created as active users by default when first synchronised to FYI. If set to "Inactive", users will be created but will not be able to log in until an FYI Admin has activated the user manually. Refer to Managing Practice Settings.


  • Sample Clients are now included in the results when filtering lists to find blank Partner or Manager fields.
  • When integrated with CCH Central, Client and Job Custom Fields will synchronise and display in FYI correctly.
  • We have resolved an issue where selected Category values weren't displayed in the Document drawer under specific circumstances.



  • When creating a new Email, FYI will now check to confirm the client has a valid email address. If the email address is blank or invalid, a link will be displayed showing "0 recipients" under the client field in the drawer, and the "Create" button will be disabled. To send the email, click the recipients link to enter a new email address, or update the client email address first before creating a new email. Refer to Creating an Email in FYI.

  • When editing users, changes will be saved automatically as the fields are updated. The "Save" and "Cancel" buttons have been removed from the User Profile drawer, as they're no longer required. Refer to Managing Users.


  • We have resolved an MYOB Practice Sync Integration issue where client addresses weren't synchronised correctly to FYI. 

    Note: An FYI Admin must click the Flush Cache button within the Practice Sync - MYOB app to ensure the updated settings are applied. Refer to Practice Sync Integration with MYOB AE/AO (Australia and New Zealand)
  • When using the FYI Desktop App to edit a document, if a file already exists in the same location with a matching filename, an error will be displayed in the FYI Desktop App. To resolve the issue, the user will need to rename the duplicate located in the Documents Path location specified in the FYI Desktop App Settings. Refer to FYI Desktop App.
  • We have made performance improvements to the FYI Desktop App to make the app run more efficiently.
  • Users can now delete Custom Fields created in FYI from Practice Sync integrations.
  • When using the Iris Practice Sync integration, the client's Partner and Manager are now synchronised to FYI correctly.



  • We now support Merge Fields in Task Templates when adding a Name and the Task Details. For example, the {{ Client Name }} merge field can be used to personalise the task name for each client when a task is created. This update also extends to Automations, where Task Templates with merge fields will be populated when the automation step is run to create a task. Custom Merge Fields are also supported. Refer to Creating and Maintaining Task Templates. For a list of available fields, including advanced formatting options, refer to the FYI Merge Fields Comprehensive Guide.  


  • When using Lists, we've improved the usability so that selected items will no longer be deselected when you do not click precisely in a checkbox.
  • When using the MYOB or APS Practice Sync integration, Client Groups that have been deleted from MYOB or APS will no longer be displayed in FYI (clients that were associated with the group will still remain in FYI).
  • When using the Practice Sync - MYOB integration with the "Use Milestone Status for Job State" option toggled on, only Job States selected as the End Milestone in MYOB will complete jobs in FYI.
  • When viewing the New Collaborate Sharing Settings for a Client, the Microsoft Group configured on the SharePoint site will not display in the Shared Folder User list.
  • If a Partner or Manager has not been assigned to a job, rather than displaying "No User" or "Unassigned", a hyphen (-) will be used in FYI to indicate the fields are empty. The "Blank" option will still be available when searching and filtering to return unassigned jobs.
  • The FYI Platform Admin will no longer show invoices as "Past Due" once payment has been received, and will instead show the "Active" status.
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