Can I report on the date a user last logged in?


We are reviewing the number of active users in our account and would like to see when users last logged into FYI.


As users are authenticated using Microsoft 365 accounts, records of logins can be obtained from the sign-in logs of Entra.

You'll need to ask your IT Administrator to obtain this information for you.

  1. Log into the Microsoft Entra Admin Centre - https://entra.microsoft.com/

  2. From the sidebar on the left click on Users All Users.

  3. Click Sign-in logs.

  4. Click Add filters above the user sign-ins table.

  5. Select Application and click Apply.

  6. Enter the application FYI and click Apply.

  7. A record of the sign-ins will be displayed. This report can be downloaded if required.

Refer to the Microsoft article What are Microsoft Entra sign-in logs? for more information.

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