Connecting Xero Ledger (Beta)

The Xero Ledger integration allows practices to integrate with Xero Blue to import and file client Xero Ledger reports (using the Client Ledger Reports AutoFile automation process), and if using FYI for Practice Management, synchronise invoices to the practice ledger.

When using FYI for Practice Management, you will need to first connect to Xero Ledger. If connecting to multiple organisations, you will be able to select which organisation is the Practice Ledger. This is the organisation where invoices created in FYI will be synchronised once they have been approved in FYI. 

The Client Ledger Reports AutoFile process runs a batch import of client Xero Ledger reports and automatically files them in FYI. This process is specific to a client and it has the Trigger set as "Manual" so will only be run when a user requests to run it.

To run Client Ledger Reports, this first needs to be connected at the practice level for the client via Automation - Apps to set the broad permissions. Once the connection has been made, the Ledger then needs to be directly linked to the client in FYI. This is done from the Client workspace via Client - Apps. Refer to Client Apps.

  1. From FYI when logged in as an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Automations, click the Automation menu option.

  2. Go to the Apps tab.


  3. For Xero Ledger, click the cog icon to edit it.


  4. In the Xero Ledger app, click Connect.


  5. Authenticate using your Xero credentials.

  6. Accept the permissions if prompted. 
  7. Select the client ledger if appropriate.

  8. You will be redirected back to FYI. 

  9. Enable the Practice Ledger by toggling the Practice Ledger option on.

  10. To connect to additional clients for the Client Ledger Reports AutoFile process, click Connect another organisation and repeat the steps above.
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