Product Update (November 2023)


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This 45-minute webinar showcases some exciting new features, including New Collaborate and an update on the new Elite plan.

You can watch the full 45-minute recording here.

For those short on time, here is a quick recap. 

New Collaborate: The End-to-End experience

Taking our Collaboration tool to the next level, New Collaborate allows for a more defined portal experience that can be branded with a permanent location for easy sharing and access by your clients.

This update takes you through the end-to-end experience, from sharing files securely with clients to the client experience for accessing those shared documents and how to share their own files with you. We cover how you receive those client files uploaded by the client, and round out with how to use automations to get alerted to any client uploads.

If you haven’t set up or configured New Collaborate yet, we have prepared a Quick Reference Guide to get you started. Don’t forget to complete the Learn Course to start securely sharing documents with your clients.

Refer to Quick Reference Guide: Setting up New Collaborate and Learn: Collaborating with Clients.

What's new in Automations

We've introduced a new Convert to PDF and Send for Signature step to make sending documents for signing even quicker. This new step, and with the addition of the new Share – No Email step, allowing you to automatically share signed documents securely via Collaborate for your clients, means the process of sending, signing, and securely sharing documents is now seamless with FYI Automations. Refer to Process Step Details - Converting to PDF and Send for Signature, Process Step Details - Share No Email.

Our library of automations continues to grow, with more productivity and compliance processes added into the mix to help you get automated faster on key processes. Refer to Automations Library.

More Support & Education

We continue to expand our educational resources and experiences for our practices, to ensure you’re empowered to get the most out of FYI.

We released our newest Learn Course, Getting Started with Automations. This course delivers on-demand training on the fundamentals of automations and building custom processes in FYI. This amazing new course is available today, and we recommend all our users complete it as soon as possible. Refer to Learn.

We’ve also added to our Learning Resources, as we know everyone learns differently, with a vast array of content to deliver in a style that best suits you. Refer to Learning Resources.

Updates across FYI

There have been several enhancements to improve the platform and deliver even more functionality.

We released an exciting update to the FYI Browser Extension, now allowing you to save your downloaded PDF documents directly into FYI. Refer to Filing PDF Documents using the FYI Browser Extension.

More personalisation is now available for Document Templates, with support for Merge Fields in the name of documents when creating from your Templates. Refer to Creating Templates for Word, Spreadsheet or Presentation.

We’ve introduced more relative date filters so you can dynamically filter your lists on date fields by last month, this month, last quarter, this quarter, last financial year, this financial year and this week or next week.

There’s improved navigation on the platform with more right-click toolbars available across workspaces. The Settings menu has also been redesigned, allowing for easier and instant access to functions and information in FYI.

We’ve enhanced the creation and management of Custom Views, with two new settings, "Status" and "Available For". The "Status" option allows views to be set as draft, active, or archived, while the "Available For" option allows you to control whether a view should be available for lists in workspaces, and/or automations for custom processes. Refer to Managing Views.

We’ve also listened to your feedback on our FYI Desktop App feature and made some significant improvements, with more to come in the coming weeks. Refer to FYI Desktop App.

Finally, we’ve simplified Custom Fields so you no longer need to include the source prefix. We’ve also introduced half-size fonts in our Email Editor.

What’s Next

We also run through our Product Roadmap to give you a look into some of the exciting new features on the horizon as part of our new Elite Plan. Watch the recording above to find out more about these exciting features and how we’re progressing with the rollout.

For more on the Elite Plan rollout refer to Elite Plan: Rollout and what it means for your Practice.

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