October 2023: What's New and Improved


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We were thrilled to announce several fantastic new features and enhancements to the platform this month, including the launch of a new Learn course. 

The Getting Started with Automations course is now the ninth course in our FYI Learn platform! Available to all FYI users, this course walks through the fundamentals of process controls and steps, and how to create, import, test and run automations in your platform. After completing this course, users are one step closer to creating even further efficiency in their processes within FYI. Refer to Learn to get started.

Also this month, the FYI Browser Extension received a much-anticipated enhancement, now allowing not only online PDFs to be uploaded and saved to FYI, but local PDF files (saved on your computer) as well. The PDF files must be opened in either Chrome or Edge to be able to use the Browser Extension. 

It's important to note that existing users will need to update the configuration of the browser extension. Refer to the steps in FYI Browser Extension. Refer also to Filing PDF Documents using FYI Browser Extension for further information on this feature.


Adding to the enhancements this month, Document Templates can now be created with both a Template name (used for internal references) and a Document Name (used for the title of the document being created). Refer to Creating Templates for Word, Spreadsheet or Presentation.

Furthermore, the Document Name field also supports Merge Fields, allowing you to personalise document names when created (similar to Email Templates). For example, including the Client Name in a Document Template, such as "Engagement Letter - Marshall, Frank" ensures that when the document is sent to the client, they can easily identify it as their own letter. Refer to  Creating Templates for Word, Spreadsheet or Presentation for instructions on adding the Merge Fields. 


Other recent highlights for the month include:

  • Updates were made to certain Practice Sync apps to provide greater control of the synchronisation and data brought through to the FYI platform.

    • In certain circumstances, practices integrated with Practice Sync for MYOB, APS, CCH or IRIS are now able to disconnect the Practice Sync app. Before doing so, a confirmation prompt is displayed, acknowledging that any further changes made to the practice management solution will not be synchronised to FYI. To learn more, refer to the relevant Practice Sync article: MYOB/AE, APS, CCH or IRIS.

    • For our UK practices integrated with IRIS, you now have control over whether Client Custom Fields are synchronised to FYI. The integration has been updated to include a toggle controlling this function. When enabled, the Custom Fields are created using the "Checkbox" type in FYI. Refer to Practice Sync Integration with IRIS (United Kingdom only).

    • Also for our UK practices, the CCH Practice Sync has been updated so that certain field default labels are named appropriately. The field labels that have been renamed are Company Number (now labelled Reg No) and Business Number (renamed to UTR). These fields will sync the value from CCH unless another name has been specified in the app. Refer to Practice Sync Integration with CCH (United Kingdom only).

  • To provide further control when previewing an individual document or email in FYI, users can now enable or disable the Preview Office Via OneDrive toggle from the Document Preview pane. As an example, users may have their default Preview Office Via OneDrive setting to "Off" in "My Settings" so the document or spreadsheet is displayed quickly. However, on certain documents, the content may not be displayed accurately, especially relevant to more complex documents.  The user will now be able to easily toggle the Preview Office Via OneDrive to "on" straight from the window, instead of having to update their settings. Refer to the following articles on how to use this feature: Previewing a Document and Previewing an Email.

  • If an FYI Admin is removing a Cabinet from your platform, they will now be prompted to select a new Cabinet to assign documents to. This ensures that documents are refiled to the appropriate new Cabinet. The refiling process will take place overnight. Refer to Managing Cabinets.

  • For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, when updating a custom field on a client or job (either individually, using bulk update, or via an automation) the Pending Sync flag will be displayed in the Client - Summary or Job - Summary tabs. To ensure visibility and confirmation of the sync, the flag will be displayed until all custom fields are synchronised. 

For further details on the features mentioned above, and other enhancements, refer to the October 2023 Release Notes.

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