Error FYI-2115: Email address already exists in another instance of FYI


When trying to create a user, I'm encountering the following message:

  • Error FYI-2115: Unable to add user - email address already exists. The user may be "Inactive" or has been added to another FYI instance. Enter a unique email address or update the existing user.


User email addresses are unique for each FYI database, and cannot be added for more than one user in a single practice or multiple FYI instances.


To resolve the issue you will need to do either of the following:

  • Enter a new unique email address for the user.
  • Change the original email address to a different one.

If the user is no longer associated with the other FYI instance, even if the user is inactive, you will not be able to reuse the email address. You will need to update their original user account to change the email address to a different one, before adding the user to the new FYI site. Refer to How do I change the email address associated with an FYI user? 

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