November 2023 Release Notes


Take a look at this month's new features, enhancements and resolutions. 

Missed last month? Refer to October 2023: What's New and Improved.



  • For practices using Practice Sync integrations (MYOB, APS, Iris, and CCH Central) the General Practice Settings now allow FYI Admins to control whether new users should be created as active users by default when first synchronised to FYI. If set to "Inactive", users will be created but will not be able to log in until an FYI Admin has activated the user manually. Refer to Managing Practice Settings.


  • When integrated with MYOB using Practice Sync, the Job State will be synchronised correctly when using the option "Use milestone for Job State".
  • We have removed a restriction that prevented "Text" Custom Fields from being displayed in Email Templates if the value exceeded the maximum numerical limit. 



  • We've introduced a new "Custom" Relative Date Filter to dynamically filter your Lists or Views, including Jobs, Documents, Clients, and Tasks lists. Using the filter, you can enter a number of days, weeks, or months relative to the current date. Values can be entered as either negative or positive, to look at either historical or future dates accordingly.

    The filter also includes the "Exactly" or "Between" configuration option, used to return results from either a specific time period or all dates between the entered value and today's date. For example, if today's date was the 23rd of November, and the filter was set to -2 days, using the "Exactly" option would return results for the 21st of November only. Setting the option to "Between" would return all results for the 21st - 23rd of November. 

    The Custom Relative Date Filter is also available for Filters and Views used in Automations, along with Date Custom Fields used to auto-complete tasks through automation processes. 

    For an example of selecting the new Custom Relative Filter refer to 
    Sorting and Filtering Jobs Lists.


  • For practices using Xero Practice Manager, FYI Admins can now control whether new users should be created as active users by default when first synchronised to FYI. If set to "Inactive", users will be created but will not be able to log in until an FYI Admin has activated the user manually. Refer to Managing Practice Settings.

  • When viewing the Automation Processes in Grid View, we have added a new Open in new tab right-mouse click option to open the process details in a separate tab. Refer to Automation Processes.

  • After creating a Task or Task Template, the drawer will remain open so that users can continue editing the Task or Template to finalise the remaining details. Refer to Creating Tasks and Task Templates.

  • The Client and Job Workspaces will now display clickable links for "Text" Custom Fields if the URL entered into the field is in a supported format. Refer to Managing Custom Fields, Client Custom Fields, and Job Custom Fields.

    The supported formats are as follows:

  • Date fields on the Bulk Update screen are now displayed using a dd/mm/yyyy format, consistent with other date fields in FYI. Refer to Clients Bulk Update and Jobs Bulk Update.


  • The Automation Steps "Clone" button has been renamed to "Copy" for consistency with other functions of FYI.
  • Practice Activity will now display an alert when the integration with Xero Practice Manager has been reset. The date and time, along with the name of the user who reset the connection, will be displayed.
  • When a client is first added to New Collaborate, the Upload folder merge field will be populated in the email sent to the client.
  • FYI Support User accounts, used when investigating support queries for practices, will no longer be included in the list of Internal Users.
  • We have resolved an issue where the Send button wasn't displayed when replying to an email accessed from an FYI notification email.
  • When opening a CSV using Open Online, FYI will display a confirmation message that the CSV file is available in the OneDrive folder FYI - My Edits. The CSV file will not be downloaded to the local computer, and users will need to open their OneDrive folder to access the file. 
    Note: FYI Desktop App now supports editing CSV files, for a more seamless experience. Refer to Opening, Editing and Finish Editing Documents with FYI Desktop App.



  • The FYI Desktop App now allows users to edit CSV files, in addition to other documents and PDFs. When CSV files in FYI are opened for editing, and the user has "Use FYI Desktop" enabled in their settings, the FYI Desktop App will download the file to the local computer and open Microsoft Excel, bypassing OneDrive. This improves performance and is particularly useful for larger files.

    Once the edits to a document are complete, users will be able to click "Finished Editing" from within the FYI Desktop App to synchronise the file back into FYI. Refer to Opening, Editing and Finish Editing Documents with FYI Desktop App.

  • When using Practice Activity to review the progress of deleting Sharing Settings from New Collaborate, FYI Admins can now click "Retry" to reattempt deleting the pending files and folders. If the process fails, Practice Activity will be updated with either an Alert or Action Required. Refer to Practice Activity.


  • Updates to the Practice Sync integration Field Sync options will now take effect on the next scheduled synchronisation.
  • Where previously the IRIS Integration was synchronising users filtered by Partner and Manager, the integration will now synchronise all users regardless of Type.
  • When opening a document in Co-Edit mode, where users may not have refreshed their screens, FYI will perform a check to confirm if another user has opened the document for co-editing in the interim. 
  • When integrated with Xero Practice Manager, users cannot be assigned to the Partner or Manager fields if the user account doesn't exist in Xero Practice Manager.
  • When exporting and importing automations, recipient email addresses are no longer included in the export/import e.g. Recipient email variables will still be included in the export, for example, if the variable "Client Email" has been selected.



  • We have introduced some exciting enhancements to Automations in this release. Refer to Automation Processes.

    • When right-clicking on the Automations list, we have added a new Open in new tab option so users can easily open an Automation process in a separate browser tab.

    • We have removed the Delete function from Automations. Processes can still be archived, and hidden from view, but ensures that processes can be reactivated if required.

    • The Clone button has been renamed to Copy for consistency with other functions of FYI.

  • When importing File Notes using the FYI CSV importer, we have added a new ExportCode column to allow practices to match clients if not using Client Codes.
    Note: There are specific requirements on the formatting of the CSV file to ensure a successful import. Refer to Files for the integration with Generic Practice Management Software.

  • We have updated the Name field to be mandatory for Documents and Tasks. If creating a document or task from a template, and a Name is not specified, the Document or Task Name will be filled in automatically using the Template Name (and can be overwritten by the user if required). Refer to Creating Documents from Templates and Stationery and Creating Tasks from the Task Templates List.

  • When creating a Task, the Client field will always appear at the top of the drawer, regardless of whether Task Templates are enabled or not. Refer to the section Creating Tasks.


  • When integrated with Xero Practice Manager, we have removed the billable toggle from the Create Time drawer. Synchronised time will be flagged as billable if the "Billable" setting is enabled for the Job Task in Xero Practice Manager.
  • We have resolved an issue where using an automation to send documents via New Collaborate would occasionally fail due to the automation steps attempting to create the guest user concurrently.
  • When using Delete Sharing Settings to remove a client from New Collaborate, all client permissions, folders and documents are deleted from SharePoint successfully even if there is a Retention Policy in place.
  • When using the FYI Billing Page to view invoices, we have resolved an issue where the Due Date would display "Invalid Date" instead of the correct due date.
  • When opening a client from the Jobs List, the URL is the same as when opening a client from the Clients view. This same URL is also used in Job Lists exported to Excel.



  • Changes made to a Cabinet to add or remove Categories are now displayed in the Activity section for the Cabinet. Only new changes will be tracked, and historical modifications to the Cabinet Categories will not be displayed. Refer to Managing Cabinets.

  • We have made improvements to the FYI Desktop App to add a Restart button. When selected, the FYI Desktop app will close and automatically reopen. If there are any delays with synchronising documents, a banner will be displayed at the top of the FYI Desktop App. Users will be able to click Restart to reopen the app and resume synchronising documents. Refer to FYI Desktop App.

  • When adding or removing a client from the Client Group, the changes will now be displayed in the Client - Activity tab. The user name that made the change is displayed, as well as the date and time the change was made. Refer to Client Activity.

  • For practices synchronised with Xero Practice Manager, completed jobs will synchronise Custom Fields for up to 48 hours from the last time the Job Details were updated. This will ensure consistency between FYI and Xero Practice Manager for any custom fields updated after the job was completed. Refer to Synchronising Clients, Staff, Jobs, Time, Tax Returns with Xero Practice Manager.


  • When creating a New Collaborate site, if the standard template is unable to be applied to the SharePoint site, an Action Required entry will be added to Practice Activity. Users with permissions for Practice Activity will be able to click "Retry" to reattempt applying the template. Once the template has been updated, Practice Activity will be updated to show "Success".  
  • We have made performance improvements to the FYI Desktop App to improve the process used for documents to be checked back into FYI. Updates include preventing users from opening documents while they are being downloaded from or uploaded to FYI, and documents not being listed twice in the Document List.
  • We have made improvements to Email Threading to improve the accuracy of linking replies sent to multiple recipients.
  • When synchronising clients with APS the correct address fields are now synchronised with FYI.
  • We have resolved an issue with the Practice Settings - Tags search to ensure all matching tags are returned in the results.
  • When using Capacity Planning (Beta), the reports now populate the Job Manager and Partner correctly. 
  • We have resolved an issue with NowInfinity to correctly save ASIC Annual Company Statements in FYI.
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