Errors using Share No Email with New Collaborate

The Share No Email function uploads documents to the New Collaborate site without emailing the client. This can be done manually, or via an automation step. Refer to Sharing Documents with Clients

This article outlines error messages that some users may encounter, along with recommended solutions.

This email appears to be a recovery email associated with a Microsoft account in the practice.

Documents cannot be shared using New Collaborate where the email address either matches a user account or a recovery email address associated with a user's Microsoft account in the practice.


You will need to either enter a different email address or refer to your IT Administrator to unlink the recovery email from the user's Microsoft 365 account if required.

Failed to setup Collaborate.

This error is caused by the email address matching the email address of a user in the practice. 


Check that the email address associated with the client doesn't also match a user in the practice. You will need to update the client address before sharing the document again.

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