Adding Process Steps for Documents

Using FYI's automation engine, you can save time with documents by using FYI actions to perform a number of document functions. For example, you can automatically create and send emails, send documents for digital review, or auto-create workpapers for client work.

There are five types of Document process steps:

    • Creating Documents
      Allows you to auto-create emails, word documents, spreadsheets and presentations from Templates. 

    • Alter Document
      Allows you to change filing details, send documents for digital approval, and add a Task or Comment.

    • Converting to PDF
      Automatically convert your documents to PDF. 

    • Sending for Signature
      Automatically send documents for digital signature through your third-party digital signature provider.

    • Sharing Documents
      Automatically and securely upload documents to the client's folder in your Collaborate site for them to access and review. 

How To

Quick steps to get you started:

Create Alter Convert Sign Share

To create a document using a custom process, simply follow the steps below:

  1. In the process select Add Step
  2. Locate the document type you would like to create:
    • Email
    • Word
    • Spreadsheet
    • Presentation
  3. Search for and select the relevant document Template
  4. Update the Filing details and any other information
  5. Select Save.

    For details instructions refer to Process Step Details - Creating Documents.

Ready to Get Started

Explore pre-built custom processes in our Automations Library that you can import or build that create documents like those outlined above, for example:

  • Onboard a New Client
  • Year End Compliance Job - Start to Finish
  • Re-Share Client Uploaded Documents

Find these processes and more in our Automation Library.

If you're not familiar with Automations, we recommend completing the Getting Started with Automations Learn course, to get up and running with Automations for your practice.

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