Searching for Invoices

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There are various ways to search for Invoices in FYI using the Invoices tab available in the following lists:

  • Clients - Invoices
  • Client Groups - Invoices
  • Job - Invoices
  • Practice - Invoices

The Invoices tab is similar in functionality to the Documents Lists but filtered exclusively to the Invoices document type. The Search function also allows you to search directly based on Invoice Number.

This article highlights features available on the Invoices tabs. For details on searching for Invoices using Document Lists, refer to Using the Documents Lists

Search Invoice Numbers using the Search Field

The fastest way to find a specific invoice is to enter the Invoice Number into the Search invoices field on the Invoices list. To search using the Search field:

  1. Enter the Invoice Number in the Search Documents field.

  2. Press the Enter key.

  3. The list will be filtered to those invoices.

Selecting a View

At the top of the Documents list is a drop-down which shows the Views that can be selected for that list. FYI has a default set of views available, including Awaiting Payment, Current Month Invoices, and more.

You can use the Search at the top of the View selector to find a View. Enter one or more characters to find the View(s) that contain what you have entered anywhere in the View name. Click the X in the Search to clear the search text.

Depending on how this has been set for your practice, the view you select in a particular list will be the default for the rest of the session, even after logging out and back into FYI. Refer to Sticky Views.


Using Filters

The Invoices tab is a Documents list, that has been filtered to display the document type "Invoices" only. This can be further refined as required to narrow the results to specific invoices only, for example, based on the Client Name, or by the Job Manager. 

Note: Not all columns can be filtered.

To filter Invoices:

  • Using the Filters tab on the left-hand side of the screen. This allows you to filter by data that's not displayed as a column on the list. Refer to the Filters section of Sorting and Filtering Documents Lists.


  • From the column heading. For a text column, this allows you to search for a match that "contains" your search text. Refer to Filtering on Text in Sorting and Filtering Documents Lists.


Using the Practice - Invoice tab

The Practice - Invoices List displays a list of invoices created in FYI and Xero. From this list, users can view the Client, Job, Status, Amount Paid, Xero Ledger Account, and more.

You can use the Search Invoices field to search based on the Invoice Number.

Please note the Practice - Invoices List is only available to FYI Admins and users with the appropriate user group permissions.

Refer to Practices - Invoices.


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