Upload Experience for Clients using New Collaborate

New Collaborate allows clients to share files with practices by directly adding files to the Upload folder, which are then automatically imported and filed in FYI.

Clients will only be able to access the Upload folders that have been shared with them (by providing access to the Share Folder). Refer to Sharing the Share Folder and Upload Folder with Clients.

The article below describes the process used by a client to upload files.

Note: Client Uploads are limited to file sizes smaller than 476MB.

Logging into the New Collaborate Site

Before clients can upload files, they will be prompted to log into the New Collaborate site. The login experience will differ between users, and how New Collaborate is configured for your practice.

For more information on the login process refer to Login Experience for Clients using New Collaborate.

Adding Files to the Upload Folder

To upload files using New Collaborate, clients will need to use the following process:

  1. Open the Client Share Folder. If the user has been added to multiple clients, a separate folder will be displayed for each client.

  2. Open the Upload folder.

  3. Add one or more files by using the Drag and Drop method, or by clicking the Upload - Files option and locating the files on your computer. 


  4. Close the folder, or continue using the New Collaborate site. No further actions are required.

  5. New Collaborate will check the folder every 10 minutes, and upload the files to FYI. Documents will be filed based on the Practice Defaults (the user in this case would be the user nominated as the OneDrive Admin). Refer to Setting Filing Defaults for your Practice.

  6. The files will be removed from the client's Upload folder.

    Note: If uploading a folder, the files will still be uploaded and removed, however, the folder will not be deleted. You will need to manually remove the folder after the files have been uploaded.

New Collaborate will check the folder every 10 minutes. Any files found will be uploaded and filed in FYI. Once complete, the files will be removed from the Upload folder on the Collaborate site.

For information on processing documents added to FYI using the Upload folder, refer to Receiving Documents from the Upload Folder.

Note: To ensure that FYI remains the central source of truth for your client documents, the Upload feature cannot be disabled.

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