September 2023: What's New and Improved


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This month we've focused on enhancing the FYI platform to deliver additional features, ensuring we are always improving the efficiency of your practice at every step.

We've added more flexibility by introducing a new Relative Date Filter, "This week (Mon-Sun)". This new option dynamically filters your List or View to return results based on dates matching the current week, Monday to Sunday (inclusive). The new filter is available in the Jobs, Documents, Clients, and Tasks lists. Any Filters and Views used in Automations can use the new Relative Date filter, as well as Date Custom Fields used to auto-complete tasks through automation processes.

For example, you can now sort your My Tasks lists to those with a Due Date of "This Week (Mon-Sun)" to easily access and view your upcoming tasks for the week ahead. For other examples of selecting the Relative Filters refer to Sorting and Filtering Job Lists.


This month we've also introduced an update to the Email Editor to allow users to select new half-size fonts, for example, 14.5. This provides practices with greater control over email formatting, ensuring more consistent formatting between emails created in FYI and emails sent directly from Outlook.

When formatting emails in FYI, it's important to remember that FYI uses pixels to determine the font size, while Outlook uses points. Refer to Formatting and Fonts in Emails and Templates Signature for a guide on comparing font sizes in FYI and Outlook.


We have also continued to improve the integrations with our various partner sync app partners this month:

  • APS (Australia and New Zealand) - The integration now synchronises Matters' Job Due Date and Start Date fields, displayed on the Job Summary tab in FYI. The integration will also now check for a Manager field first, and then the Client Manager field, ensuring a Manager is synchronised to FYI. For further information on both of these features, refer to Synchronising Clients and Users with APS (Australia & New Zealand only).

  • Iris (United Kingdom) - for our UK practices integrated with Iris, users now have the option to synchronise Jobs with FYI. This includes the Job Name, Client, Job State, Budget Amount, and more. To begin synchronising jobs, users will need to enable the new "jobs" toggle in the Iris Automation App settings. Refer to Practice Sync Integration with IRIS (United Kingdom only). For a full list of the synchronised Job Fields refer to Synchronising Clients, Jobs and Users with IRIS (United Kingdom only).

  • Xero Practice Manager - When using Xero Practice Manager and exporting information from FYI, such as Jobs, Clients, and Custom Fields, we have reintroduced the 1-minute automatic retry. Rate Limits were introduced by Xero as part of their OAuth 2.0 change. Therefore, if a sync is unsuccessful due to rate limiting, FYI will retry three times before the request status is updated to "Failure", displayed in Practice Activity. To retry the sync, users will be able to press the Retry button from Practice Activity. Refer to Xero Practice Manager Rate Limiting

Other recent enhancements for this month include:

  • When exporting CSV and Excel Reports, Time is now exported in a decimal number format. This improvement allows practices to perform calculations for better reporting of Time entries of their users. For example, 01:30 in FYI will be exported as 1.5 in the report. Refer to Exporting Lists.

  • We have ensured that Signatures cannot be deleted if they have been selected as the Default Signature for the practice. Refer to Managing Practice Settings for Documents and Creating Email Templates and Signatures for more information on setting up your practice default signature.

  • The Bulk Export AWS (Amazon Web Services) feature now allows users to optionally include all documents and email threads in the export. Refer to Bulk Export AWS.

  • For practices integrated with NowInfinity, when documents are signed the signed version will be imported into FYI and filed separately from the original unsigned document. This change was reverted from the change made in August. Refer to Import from NowInfinity for information on the integration. 

For further details on the features mentioned above, and other enhancements, refer to the September 2023 Release Notes.

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