What are the benefits when using Entra ID B2B for Collaborate?

With Legacy Collaborate, if you were not using B2B Collaboration when a client was invited to Collaborate, they were added as an "anonymous user". These users were unable to be identified, nor could policies be applied to the account, making it difficult to implement adequate security measures.

With New Collaborate, using Entra ID B2B (Guest Users) is required. Enabling Entra ID offers the following benefits:

  • When clients or external users are invited to Collaborate using B2B Collaboration, a guest user account is created in Entra Active Directory. Your IT department can then implement security measures such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or conditional access policies to ensure only specific access is provided.
    Note: FYI only supports the Microsoft Multi-Factor authentication solution. Refer to Prerequisites for using FYI in your Practice.

  • The ability to implement Google Federation in Entra ID. For information on how to configure this refer to How can we enable Google Federation in Entra so that external users are able to access the shared content with us using their existing Gmail account?

  • By default, all internal users are able to send guest user invites out on behalf of the practice. To nominate specific user accounts (recommended) to send invites out refer to the article How to restrict the ability for internal users to invite guests to SharePoint

  • Greater logging and reporting capabilities, including folder views and file access events.

  • No need to change any processes for internal users - they will not see any difference in how they use Collaborate in FYI.

  • Quick and easy to implement; it should not take more than an hour to update the settings.

  • New Collaborate will automatically enforce Guest Users for "Microsoft 365 security" as part of the setup.
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