October 2023 Release Notes


Take a look at this month's new features, enhancements and resolutions.



  • When creating a Document Template you can now specify both a Template Name, used for internal references, and a Name, used for the title of the document created from the template. These new fields are available when documents are created manually or from an Automation process. If a Name isn't specified the document will be created using the Template Name. Refer to Creating Templates for Word, Spreadsheet or Presentation.

  • The Document Name field also supports Merge Fields, allowing practices to personalise document names when created, for example, adding the Client Name "Engagement Letter - Marshall, Frank". For more information, and a list of available Merge Fields, refer to Creating Templates for Word, Spreadsheet or Presentation. This is in addition to Email Templates, where the "Name" field already supports Merge Fields when creating emails. Refer to Creating Email Templates and Signatures.

  • When deleting a Cabinet you will now be prompted to select a new Cabinet to move assigned documents to. Overnight, FYI will refile all of the documents to the new Cabinet. Refer to Managing Cabinets.

  • We have streamlined the process of upgrading to New Collaborate to automatically delete the Sharing Settings for clients, excluding those with documents currently in a Co-Edit status. Removing the Sharing Settings prevents clients from accessing documents on Legacy Collaborate, while the practice is upgrading to New Collaborate.

    After the upgrade has been run, Practice Activity will show the number of clients that had their Sharing Settings removed. Practices will then be able to begin sharing documents and folders with clients using the New Collaborate Sharing process. 

    To begin the process of upgrading to New Collaborate, refer to the articles in the section Upgrading to New Collaborate.


  • When integrated with Xero Practice Manager, staff emails are not case-sensitive when identifying users in each system.
  • When upgrading to New Collaborate, configuring a Data Retention Policy is no longer a prerequisite to proceed through the upgrade wizard. 
  • We have added more clarity to New Collaborate error messages when sharing documents or the Share Folder with clients. These errors are typically caused when the Guest User settings have been configured incorrectly, sharing with an email address matching a practice user or recovery email address, or when using the Share No Email function without an email address for the client.
  • The FYI Desktop App installation method has been updated to allow for improved performance. Please note the Desktop App itself has not been updated, and users are only required to reinstall if experiencing any performance issues. 



  • The FYI Browser Extension now allows users to upload and file local PDF files (saved on your computer) in addition to online PDF files. The PDF files will need to be opened in either Chrome or Edge to be able to use the Browser Extension. Refer to Filing PDF Documents using the FYI Browser Extension.

    Note: Existing users will be upgraded automatically, but will need to update the configuration of the browser extension. Right-click on the FYI Browser extension, click "Manage Extension", and enable the setting "Allow access to file URLs". For more information refer to FYI Browser Extension.


  • We have made some enhancements to allow Automation steps to be processed faster.
  • We have improved the performance of New Collaborate when sharing multiple files with clients. 



  • When editing Custom Fields for a Client or Job, the Pending Sync flag will display in the Client - Summary tab or Job - Summary tab until all Custom Fields are synchronised to Xero Practice Manager. This is relevant when updating Custom Fields for an individual client or job, using bulk update or via an Automation. 
  • When an FYI admin enables or updates settings in the Collaborate App, all changes are recorded as an Alert in Practice Activity, with details of all changes visible in the drawer. Alerts indicate important changes in FYI. This includes practices upgrading from Legacy Collaborate. Refer to Practice Activity.

  • For our UK practices, in the CCH Practice Sync App, the following default field labels have been renamed and sync the value from CCH unless another name has been specified in the App. Refer to Practice Sync Integration with CCH (United Kingdom only).
    • Company Number = Renamed to: Reg No
    • Business Number = Renamed to: UTR

  • When previewing an email or document from the Documents list, the Preview Office Via OneDrive setting displays in the Preview pane and can be enabled or disabled for individual documents. For example, users may set the Preview Office Via OneDrive default in My Settings to "Off" which displays the document or spreadsheet quicker, however the formatting of the content of the document may not be accurate, especially for more complex documents. Users can now toggle the setting to "On" when previewing an email or document. Refer to Previewing a Document and Previewing an Email.


  • For Implementors, when viewing Refile Results, the Category labels are displayed before the category options. Refer to Implementors: Refile Documents.


  • The Doc Link icon is back in the drawer in FYI and Outlook for emails, making it easy to create a Doc Link to the email and send as a preview to any internal team member.
  • When setting up email templates for tax notice of assessments, using IF statements, liquid statements such as = <> together with merge fields, displays the expected results in client emails.
  • For practices migrating to New Collaborate, the Delete Sharing option displays in the Sharing Settings window when folders were previously shared with Legacy Collaborate.
  • When selecting the Client name on Notifications and marking as read, the Client Group displays correctly in subsequent notifications.
  • Draft emails created or updated to Draft in Outlook retain the default font in the Salutation and body merge fields.



  • We have launched the Getting Started with Automations Learn course to help you get up and running with Automations for your practice. Available to all FYI users, the Getting Started with Automations course walks through the fundamentals of process controls and steps, and how to create, import, test and run automations in your platform. Refer to Learn to get started.


  • FYI Admins for practices integrated with Practice Sync for MYOB, APS, CCH or IRIS are able to Disconnect the Practice Sync App if required. A confirmation is required to disconnect the Practice Sync Integration, acknowledging that any further changes made in your on-premise practice management solution will no longer sync with FYI. Refer to the relevant Practice Sync Integration article to learn more; MYOB/AE, APS, CCH or IRIS.

  • We have updated the Iris integration for our UK practices to add a toggle that controls whether Client Custom Fields are synchronised from Iris to FYI. When enabled, Custom Fields are created using the "Checkbox" type in FYI. Refer to Practice Sync Integration with IRIS (United Kingdom only).


  • Where an FYI Support User has assisted with a query or issue in your platform, once the support user is removed from your platform, the user name is retained in the Activity section in the drawer for the relevant record in FYI.
  • When entering multi lines or detailed information into a Text Custom Field, the text displays 3 dots... to indicate additional text is available in the field.
  • When editing a TIFF file in FYI, the edit process is the same as other document types and the file is no longer downloaded to the user's Downloads folder.
  • Stationery images with incorrect extensions that are less than 40KB will be excluded from autofiling to your documents lists.
  • The DocLink no longer displays for threaded emails, and when the thread icon is selected from the Draft Filed view, all threaded emails are displayed in the list.
  • The myprosperity app is no longer available in the Client - Apps tab. FYI Admins and users with Automations permissions can manage the myprosperity app from the Automations - Apps tab.
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