Deleting Time and Disbursement Entries

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Time and Disbursement entries can be deleted if they have the status of either Draft or Submitted. Time and Disbursements with a status of Invoiced cannot be deleted.

To delete Time and Disbursements:

  1. In FYI navigate to the Time tab in Clients, Jobs or Practice Activity workspaces. Refer to Displaying Time and Disbursement Entries.

  2. Click the Checkbox in the first column to select one or more Time and Disbursement entries.

  3. Click the Delete trashcan icon in the toolbar.
    If one or more entries have been Invoiced, the Trash Can will be disabled.


  4. A confirmation message will be displayed to check if you want to delete the entries. Click Yes.

  5. The Time and Disbursement entries will be deleted, and the list will be refreshed.

Users can also delete time entries from Home - My Time. To delete a time entry, click the drop-down next to Submit or Update and select Delete.


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