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The Practice - Invoices List displays a list of invoices created in FYI and Xero. From this list, users can view the Client, Job, Status, Amount Paid, Xero Ledger Account, and more.

The Practice - Invoices List would typically be used by an FYI Admin or user with Practice Activity permissions to easily identify and filter invoices. This includes being able to filter those invoices in Awaiting Payment status, or easily display all Final invoices created for a particular period.

Displaying the Practice - Invoices List

The Practice - Invoices List can be accessed by clicking the Practice menu, and clicking the Invoices tab.

The list is used in the same way as any list in FYI. For example, you can sort and filter the columns in the same way, drag and drop columns to change the order, and Autosize columns. Refer to the Help Centre section Using the Documents Lists.


Working with the Practice - Invoices List

Searching in the Invoice List using the Search Field

You can use the Search field at the top of the Invoices list to search based on Invoice Number.

  1. Type the search criteria in the Search Invoices field.

  2. Press the Enter key on the keyboard.


  3. The list will be filtered to Invoices matching the search criteria.

When performing a search, please note:

  • The search is not case-sensitive.
  • If you type part of a word, this can be anywhere in the text. For example, searching for the text "0053" will find invoice number "INV-0053".

To clear the search, click the X next to the search criteria, or delete the search criteria and press the Enter key.


Click on a column heading to sort the Invoices List by that column. When a Sort Order has been applied, an arrow will be displayed in the column heading.

  • Up arrow - ascending order
  • Down arrow - descending order
  • No arrow - the original sort order will be applied.

For example, the List below is sorted by the Invoice Number column in descending order.


Adding Columns

You can add or remove columns to the Practice - Invoice list to include additional columns or to hide columns.

Columns can be added or removed:

  • From the Columns tab on the left-hand side.
  • From any of the Column Headings.

Tick to add a column to the list, and untick to remove a column.


Pinned Columns

To pin a column, you can click the List icon, and then click the Autosize Columns column to display the Pin Column option. As you scroll the list to the left and right, these columns will always remain visible. This is similar to the Freeze Panes feature in an Excel spreadsheet.

Columns can be pinned to the left or right of the list.


Grouping Columns

You can group information by one or more columns, for example, by Client, Client Group, Job, and Status. Only certain columns can be used for Grouping. For example, fields with a Date or Email cannot be used.

Click the Enable grouped view button to display Row Groups. Add columns to group matching results as required. 


When a column is Grouped, it will appear on the left of the List. If not pinned, it will be displayed after all the Pinned columns. Pin the Group column to display it as the first column.

Refer to Grouping Practice Invoice and Time Lists



Filters can be applied from:

  • The Filters tab on the left-hand side.
  • The Filters option in the column heading for the relevant column. Hover over the column and click the List icon to display the Filters option. 

As you make selections the list will automatically update to reflect the filter. You can filter the list on a column, even if that particular column is not displayed.

Note: Filters are not relevant for some columns, including Jobs.

Click the Filters tab on the left-hand side to expand the Filters pane. The width of this section can be dragged left or right to expand/shrink as needed. Click on a column name to filter that column.


To filter from the Column heading, hover over the column and click the List icon. The Filters option is initially displayed.


Saving the View

If you have changed the view to add/remove columns or filter the data, you can save the changed layout using the Save View. 

Note: FYI Admins or users with Views permissions are able to update and save views.

Click the View Tools button at the end of the column headings, on the right-hand side of the list. 

500 NL View Tools.gif

Click Save View.

The Save invoice view popup is displayed. Enter a name, select whether the view should be available for Lists or Reports, and whether to save the column order and filter selections.


Actions in the Toolbar

When one or more Invoices are selected in the list, different actions will be displayed in the toolbar.


Approved will display as active if the invoice is in Draft status, and the user would like to mark the invoice as approved.


The Open Invoice button is available when selecting only one invoice. Clicking this button will open a new tab and log the user into Xero. You can also open the invoice by clicking the Open icon at the end of each row. 

2566 Open filter icon.gif

You can also display additional options as a pop-up menu by right-clicking on a row in the list. 

Copy copies the value that the mouse is currently over when you right-click (for example the Document Name) to the clipboard. Right-click over the value and select Copy from the pop-up menu. Ctrl+c can also be used to copy a value.

The Open in new tab option is only available when right-clicking on either the Client Group, Client, or Job links. Once clicked, the corresponding Client Workspace will be opened in a new browser tab. 


View Deleted and Voided Invoices

You can toggle whether to include deleted and voided invoices in the list.


When Unhide Deleted and Voided Invoices is enabled, the button displays as green. This excludes deleted and voided invoices from the list.


To display deleted and voided invoices, click the button to disable the option. The icon will turn black and all deleted and voided invoices will be included in the list.

View Paid Invoices

You can filter the Invoices list by the payment status of invoices - Paid or Unpaid.


When Unhide Paid Invoices is enabled, the button displays as green. This excludes paid invoices from the list.


To display paid invoices, click the Show Paid Invoices button. The icon will turn black, and all paid invoices will be included in the list.

Displaying the Drawer for an Invoice

The Invoice Drawer can be opened from the Practice - Invoices List, or from a Client and Job Workspace on the Invoices tab, by clicking on an invoice in the list. displays the Invoice drawer. Invoices in Draft can be edited or deleted from the Details section in the drawer.


Once the invoice is Approved and sent to Xero, the Invoice drawer will be read-only. The Preview tab is available to display a copy of the invoice.

Note: Where an invoice shows 'Imported Invoice" the Preview tab is not available.


The Drawer is also where you can:

  • Update the Filing Details
  • View or add Tasks related to the Invoice
  • Access Recent Documents for the Job associated to the invoice.
  • Add Comments for your team.
  • Display the Workflow Status
  • View the Version History for the invoice showing if any changes had been made.
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