Using My Time (Beta)

From your Home workspace, use the My Time tab to display the Individual Time Entries you have created in FYI along with any draft time entries that you have created using the Bulk Time Entry function.

Displaying My Time as Group or List

For practices on the Elite plan, My Time can be displayed as a Group or List. Click the List button in the top right-hand corner to display the Productivity Dashboard, allowing users to see actual and expected hours along with productivity targets. Refer to Using the Productivity Dashboard


To re-display the workspace as a summary of draft and submitted time entries by date, click the Group button.

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When navigating between the Group and List view and you log out or move to a different menu option in FYI, your choice of the Group or List view is automatically retained when you return to My Time.

Displaying Time Entries from the Group View

Time Entries are displayed in your Home - My Time.

When using the Group view, click on a date to display the time entries. The following example shows three individual time entries that have been added. 


One was added with the Status as "Submitted" and the other two as "Draft".

  • The dates default to the current week. Click the start or end date to display the calendar to select a different date range.
  • The count in the My Time tab shows the count of Draft time entries that you have in the current week. This count is updated as you submit time entries.
  • AutoTime entries are created with a Draft status and display the Automation icon on the right side of the line. AutoTime is available on the Elite plan only.

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Summary of Submitted and Draft Totals for the Day

Next to the date, a summary displays the total time that has been submitted for that day, the total of any Draft hours that have been entered and a count of the number of Draft entries, either incomplete or ready for submission.

As you add the hours to the time entries, this summary allows you to keep a running check on the total hours you have entered for a date.


Submitted Time Entries

  • Changes can be made to Time that is "Submitted".
  • You can click the Open button to display the Time entry in the drawer.
  • To delete the Submitted Time entry, click the drop-down next to Open and select Delete.


Draft Time Entries

For a draft time entry, click the Submit button to update the status to Submitted. Once all required fields are complete, the Update button automatically displays as Submit, indicating the time entry is ready to be submitted.

You can click on the time entry to open the Update Time drawer to update the Time hours, Notes, Time Type, Rate, Client or Job.

To delete a Draft Time entry, click the drop-down next to Submit and select Delete.


Note: When the drawer is open, you can also display a different date and select a different Time entry from the list.

Time Entries with no Job or Client

Draft or Submitted time entries displayed without a Client or Job indicate the time is non-productive,  such as General Admin, or capacity-reducing time such as Study Leave. Or the time may have been entered using Bulk Create Time Entries, and has not had the details updated yet.


Submitting all Draft Time Entries for a Day

From your My Time, you can click the Submit Drafts button to submit all the Draft time entries for that date that are complete. This changes the Status to "Submitted" for those time entries. Any entries that are not complete are left in the Draft status.


The Submit Drafts button is only enabled if any draft time entries for that day are complete and ready to be submitted.

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