September 2023 Release Notes


Take a look at this month's new features, enhancements and resolutions.



  • Practice Activity will now display an entry if there is an error synchronising data with GreatSoft and the integration needs to be re-authenticated. Refer to Practice Activity.


  • When using New Collaborate, if the sharing settings are deleted for one or more clients, and there are no other Share Folders or documents shared with them, the clients are removed from the Azure Site Collection. This will help to prevent any conflicts if the client is re-added at a later date.
  •  We have resolved an issue to prevent the Xero Practice Manager integration from creating duplicate Job States in FYI.
  • When managing Templates in the Knowledge Cabinet, users with Template permissions will be able to change tags and categories.
  • When using Bulk Export to OneDrive, Excel Macro-Enabled spreadsheets will retain the .xlsm file format instead of changing to .xlsx.
  • When deleting a Custom Field and recreating it with a different Type (for example, a drop-down instead of a checkbox) the new Custom Field will maintain the new type selected.
  • After saving a Timesheet on the My Time tab, the time entry will remain on the correct date.
  • The Jobs List will display the correct number of jobs when the Hide Inactive Jobs toggle is disabled.
  • The Attachments section of the Email Drawer will remember the "Include as PDF" setting even when the section is minimised. 
  • When configuring the Collaborate or OneDrive folder structure, the Category ID is no longer displayed in Category Names. 
  • When clicking a DocLink for threaded emails, the email thread is displayed instead of a blank page.




  • Once a client has been connected to Xero Ledger, the Xero Organisation will be available in the drop-down on the Client - Apps tab of the client record.
  • When updating a job using the Update Job Drawer, all Xero Practice Manager Tasks for that job are displayed in the drawer.



  • When exporting CSV and Excel reports, Time is now exported in a decimal number format, allowing practices to perform calculations for better reporting. For example, 01:30 in FYI will be exported as 1.5. Refer to Exporting Lists.

  • When using Xero Practice Manager to export jobs, clients and custom fields from FYI, we have reintroduced the 1-minute automatic retry. If a sync is unsuccessful due to rate limiting, FYI will retry three times before the request status is updated to "Failure", displayed in Practice Activity. Users will be able to press the Retry button from Practice Activity to re-prompt the synchronisation. Refer to Xero Practice Manager Rate Limiting.

  • Signatures can no longer be deleted if it has been selected as the Default Signature for the practice. Refer to Managing Practice Settings for Documents and Creating Email Templates and Signatures.

  • We have introduced an update to the Email Editor to allow users to select new half-size font sizes, for example, 14.5. This provides practices with greater control over the formatting, to ensure more consistent formatting with emails sent directly from Outlook. 

    Please keep in mind that FYI uses pixels to determine the font size, while Outlook uses points. Refer to Formatting and Fonts in Email Templates and Signatures for a comparison of font sizes in FYI and Outlook.

    Note: When a half-size font has been selected the Editor toolbar will only display the first two characters and not the total value, for example, "14" instead of "14.5". However, the correct font size of 14.5 will be applied to the text. This will be addressed in a future update.

  • The myprosperity integration Secret Key will now only be visible the first time the key is generated. The Key should then be stored somewhere secure. If the Key is required again, you must disconnect your integration and request a new Key to reconnect your integration. Refer to Integration with myprosperity.


  • myprosperity now requires clients to be added using the myprosperity platform directly, rather than in FYI. Before sending a document for signature, clients must be added to myprosperity first. As a result, we have removed the myprosperity Client Sync button from the Automation App settings, as well as from the Client - Apps tab. For details on the updated process to send documents for signature, refer to Integration with myprosperity and Digital signatures using myprosperity.
  • Task Templates can now be disabled from the Practice Settings by unchecking the option, and the selection will be retained.
  • Custom Fields of the "Number" type can now start with a leading zero and contain a maximum of ten digits, for example, 012345789.
  • When adding a "Date" type Custom Field to the Update Client Automation Step, you can now select "Current Date" or "Month End" from the Custom Field drop-down, in addition to being able to select a specific date.
  • If an Email Notification is unable to be sent, FYI will retry sending the notification to ensure that users receive all intended email alerts.
  • The Document Refiling Tools have been restricted to FYI Implementors and the FYI Support Team. 
  • We have improved the performance of the Documents List to avoid rows sporadically flashing a "Loading" message.
  • When using the Title Merge Field in a Document, the Title will now be displayed in the correct case, for example, "Mr." instead of "MR.".



  • We've introduced a new Relative Date Filter, "This Week (Mon-Sun), to dynamically filter your List or View based on the current date, including Jobs, Documents, Clients, and Tasks lists. The Filter will return results based on dates matching the current week, Monday to Sunday (inclusive). 

    Any Filters and Views used in Automations can use this new Relative Date Filter, along with Date Custom Fields used to auto-complete tasks through automation processes. For an example of selecting the Relative Filters refer to Sorting and Filtering Jobs Lists.

  • You can now filter the Practice Activity Status by "In Progress" to show any events still being processed. Refer to Practice Activity.

  • The integration with APS now synchronises the Job Due Date and Start Date fields for Matters, displayed on the Job Summary tab in FYI. Refer to Synchronising Clients and Users with APS (Australia & New Zealand only)

  • When using the Bulk Export function to export from FYI to an Amazon Web Services S3 Directory, you can now choose to include all document and email threads in the export. Refer to Bulk Export.

  • We have reverted the change to NowInfinity made in August. When documents are signed, the signed version will be imported into FYI and filed separately from the original unsigned document. Refer to Import from NowInfinity.


  • When upgrading to New Collaborate, practices will be able to proceed with the upgrade even when their existing Collaborate settings were not set to Guest Users. 
  • When updating a Job Custom Field, users will remain assigned to the job after saving the changes.
  • When editing a step in a Custom Automation Process that uses a Custom Field for the Workflow Owner and the Custom Field has since been deleted, the step will display "Unknown Custom Field" in the Workflow Owner field, instead of an error.
  • When synchronising users from MYOB using the Practice Sync app, if an email address is missing for a user an Alert will be created in Practice Activity and the user's name will be displayed in the Activity drawer (accessed by clicking on the alert).
  • Standard users not assigned to a User Group with permissions enabled for Knowledge will not be able to add documents to the Knowledge Cabinet using drag and drop. 
  • Documents can now be filtered by the Source of "Notud" if practices have enabled the Notud integration.
  • When filing documents using the Client Ledger Reports Autofile process, the Document Name in FYI will now correctly include the dates for the Reporting From and To periods when using the merge fields «ReportPeriodFrom» and «ReportPeriodTo».
  • The Practice Sync app will stay closed when using the X button to exit the application.
  • If trying to log into the Practice Sync app using login information for a user that doesn't exist in FYI, an error message will be displayed before being asked to log in again.
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