August 2023: What's New and Improved


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This month we released some exciting new features, with the launch of New Collaborate and the Content Snare integration. We've also added substantial new enhancements to the platform, with visibility over Xero Practice Manager Rate Limits, a redesigned Practice Settings menu, additional relative date filters, and more.

New Collaborate is the newest update to our popular Collaborate feature, offering streamlined communication with your clients, and the ability to easily and securely share documents and accelerate projects. This update includes:

  • The ability to implement tighter security controls (including multi-factor authentication).
  • A fully interactive client portal built on SharePoint so that practices can share news and updates, and display events calendars, forms, maps, and more.
  • Easier access for clients with only a single link needed to access all documents and folders.
  • Greater efficiency when managing permissions with an easy-to-use Sharing Settings window, and Status page.
  • and more...

To support the launch of New Collaborate, we've also released a new Learn course. Available to all FYI users, the "Collaborating with Clients" course teaches users how to take advantage of all the new features.

To find out all the details visit the New Collaborate section on our Help Centre: New Collaborate. For the new Learn course refer to Learn.

This month we also released a new integration with Content Snare, a content and document collection system, providing an easy way to onboard clients, collect documents, and get answers, without the endless back and forth. This integration is available to all users on an FYI Pro plan. To learn more refer to Integration with Content Snare.

Other recent highlights for the month include:

  • Greater visibility over Xero Practice Manager Rate Limits, with Client and Job Bulk Updates showing the number of requests available and estimated to be used by the update process. Once the number of requests has been reached, the time remaining until the next refresh will be displayed in FYI. Refer to Xero Practice Manager Rate Limiting.

  • We redesigned the Practice Settings menu, making it easier to locate the required settings to be configured. The Admin Settings has been renamed to "General", and we introduced a new "Jobs" menu for Job Settings, Mappings, and Job States. For more information refer to Practice Settings GeneralPractice Settings Documents, and Practice Settings Jobs.

  • We introduced a range of new Relative Date Filters for Lists, Views and Automations. The new filters available to select from are Last Financial Year, This Financial Year, Last Quarter, and This Quarter. Using one of these filters means that Lists and Views will update dynamically based on the current date - no updates necessary. Refer to  Sorting and Filtering Jobs Lists and AutoComplete Tasks.

  • The NowInfinity integration has been updated so that when documents are signed, the unsigned document is replaced with the new signed version. The Workflow Status of the document in FYI will also be updated to "Client Signed". Refer to Import from NowInfinity

  • Custom Merge Fields no longer require the Source Prefix when inserting data into documents and templates. This change simplified the process of using custom merge fields, covered more in our articles Including Merge Fields in Email Templates and Signatures, Including Merge Fields in Word Templates and Stationery, and Including Merge Fields in Excel Templates.

  • The FYI Sync Desktop App allows users to easily check the connection details to view the current selected user account connected to FYI. We've also introduced the ability to easily log out and log back in as a new user. Refer to FYI Practice Sync Desktop App.

For further details on the features mentioned above, and other enhancements, refer to August 2023 Release Notes.

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