Creating Time and Disbursements (Elite)

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Practice Management features for the Elite plan are in Beta for practices in the United Kingdom.

These short tutorials demonstrate how to create and display Time and Disbursement entries when using FYI for Practice Management.


Creating & Displaying Time Entries

Watch this tutorial for a recap on creating time entries in FYI and understand the key differences when using FYI Practice Management:

  • Creating individual Time Entries
  • Reviewing Time Types
  • Creating bulk Time Entries
  • Displaying Time Entries.


Creating & Displaying Disbursements

Watch this tutorial to learn how to create disbursements for jobs in FYI.

Creating Non-Chargeable Time Entries

Watch this tutorial to learn how to create non-productive and capacity reducing time entries in FYI.


Exploring the Productivity Dashboard

Watch this tutorial to explore the Productivity Dashboard in My Time.


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