Managing Job States (Beta)

Each Job holds a State, such as "In Progress", "Planned", or "On Hold".

FYI Admins can map Job States to how the States display and are used in FYI, as well as select the colour coding used.

For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, users can nominate which of the Xero Practice Manager States are used to indicate an "inactive" job.

For information on syncing Job States, renaming and deleting a Job State in Xero Practice Manager, refer to Job States.

Displaying and Managing Job States in FYI

To display and manage the Job States in FYI.

  1. Log in to FYI as an FYI Admin.
  2. From FYI, click Settings in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Select Practice settings from the drop-down, then select Jobs.
  4. Go to the States tab.

The Practice settings - Jobs - States list displays as follows.

Note: The Lock Time & Disbursements column is only displayed for practices with FYI set as the Practice Manager source. Refer to Practice Management Sync.


Showing Archived Job States

To show the Archived Job States in the list, click Unhide the archived states.


To hide the "Archived" Job States in this list, click the Hide the archived states button at the top.


Updating Job States

Type - For each State, the Type determines what should be defined as an 'open' job or an 'inactive' job in FYI. This is used when displaying jobs in lists to hide inactive jobs.

  • Standard - Any of the States used by your practice that is considered to be open, for example, states such as In Progress, Planned, and  Running.

  • Completed, Cancelled, On Hold, or Archived - Any of the States used by your practice that is considered to be "inactive", for example, for states such as Lost, and  Cancelled.
    'Inactive' Jobs are not shown in selections and are hidden in the Jobs workspace by default.

In the Jobs list, you can show inactive jobs by clicking Unhide the inactive jobs. This shows jobs that have a Status set in FYI with the Type set as "Completed", "Cancelled", "On Hold" or "Archived" 

To hide inactive jobs, click  Hide the inactive jobs.


Set the Type to "Archived" to exclude the Job State from any filters.

Hide from Board - For any Jobs States that you do not want to see in the Jobs Board, set this to "Yes". Refer to Using the Jobs Board.

Colour - You can set the colour in which the State displays in Job lists. You can use a system such as "Green", "Amber" or "Red", or use any of the other colours such as "Blue", "Grey", "Silver", "Teal", and  "Black".

Note: FYI can only sync job data, including Job States, for "current" jobs, that is for jobs in Xero Practice Manager where the State Type is "Standard". Therefore, when jobs are initially synced to FYI, a State will only be imported if it is allocated to any current jobs. If there are no current jobs for a particular State, that State will not be initially imported to FYI.

Lock Time & Disbursements - Enabling this setting prevents users from adding any more time or disbursements against Jobs once it reaches that state. This option is only displayed for practices on the Elite plan with FYI set as the Practice Manager source. Refer to Practice Management Sync.

Making Changes to the Job States

Changes to the Job States are made using the drawer. Click on a Job State in the list. You can then change the settings, including the colour of how they show in FYI.


Changing the Sequence in which Job States show in FYI

The order in which the Job States show in Settings determines the sequence in which they display in the State drop-down (when changing the State) and also the order in which they display from left to right in the Jobs Board (refer to Using the Jobs Board).

To change the sequence in which the Job States display, click the up arrow or down arrow at the top of the drawer.


The Order column displays the numerical sequence in which the Job States are displayed.

Archiving a Job State in FYI

To archive a Job State in FYI, select the Type "Archived" in the drawer.

If any jobs still have that State selected, the jobs will still appear in the Jobs list. The archived Job State is hidden from filters so users will not be able to view those jobs when filtering the Jobs list using the State column.

If you set a Job to an "Archived" State, you can currently only change the State using Jobs Bulk Update (refer to Jobs Bulk Update). You cannot change the State from the Job drawer or the Job - Summary tab.

Alternatively, you can change the Type of the State to something other than "Archived" which will then allow you to change the State of the Job in the drawer or Job - Summary.

Adding a New Job State

Adding Job States in FYI is a Beta release, and available when connecting to a Practice Management system other than Xero Practice Manager or Xero Tax.

Job States are added directly to FYI, and don't sync back to your Practice Management software.

  1. In the Jobs States list, click the Add button in the top right-hand corner.


  2. In the same way as when updating a Jobs State (see above) enter the Name, select the Type and Colour, and, if relevant, select Hide from Board.


  3. Click the Lock Time & Disbursements option if users should be prevented from adding more time or disbursements when a Job reaches this state.

    Note: Jobs with the Job State of Cancelled or Archived will automatically prevent users from adding more time and do not have to have the Lock time & Disbursements setting enabled.
    This option is only displayed for practices on the Elite plan with FYI set as the Practice Manager source. Refer to Practice Management Sync.

  4. Click Create.

If required, you can then change the sequence in which the new Job State displays.

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