Using the My Time - Productivity Dashboard

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Time entries can be displayed in the Productivity Dashboard from Home - My Time, where users can review actual time compared with expected productivity in a graph and list view.

The Productivity Dashboard is available for practices on the Elite plan with Time & Invoices enabled in Practice settings - Time & Invoices


Displaying the Productivity Dashboard

The Productivity Dashboard is displayed from Home - My Time by clicking the List button in the top right-hand corner.


Note: The Productivity Dashboard is only available for practices on the Elite plan. Refer to Subscribing to an FYI Plan.

Defaults for the Productivity Dashboard

Time entries display based on the defaults for the productivity dashboard:

  • Date – defaults to Relative and set to This Week (Monday to Sunday). You can update the date range displayed, refer to Using Filters.
  • User – defaults to the current user
  • Type – all time entries display for the period and user, including chargeable, capacity-reducing and non-productive time types.

Dashboard Calculations and Values


Displays the default or selected time period. All time entries for the period are displayed in the list below. To update the period, navigate to the list and apply a date filter to update to the desired date range.  Refer to Using Filters.


Total Hours

The total hours section in the Productivity Dashboard displays a summary of hours for the period.


  • Actual - the accumulated hours for the period, which includes all non-draft time entries, and submitted and invoiced time entries.
  • Expected  - defined by your FYI Admin in your user profile. The expected hours are entered in a weekly format and reflect the period up to the current date. For example, if the weekly expected hours are 37.5 and you are viewing the productivity dashboard on a Thursday, the Expected hours would display as 30.
  • Missing - the difference between actual and expected up to the current date.


The draft section in the dashboard displays all timesheets that are not yet submitted for the period.



The productivity section displays a summary of actual hours compared to the target hours for the period, displayed as a percentage.


  • Actual - displays actual chargeable time and is calculated by dividing the chargeable time entries, by the target less capacity reducing time entries.

  • Target - set by your FYI Admin in your user profile. This is entered as a percentage and is the expected productivity for each user.
  • Variance - the difference between actual and target. Where the actual is less than the target, the variance will display in red and where the actual is greater, the variance will display in green.

Displaying the Graph

The Productivity Dashboard can be displayed in a graphical format by clicking the Graph button in the top right-hand corner.


The pie graph displays hours by time type, based on the time entries in the list and includes Chargeable, Non Productive and Capacity Reducing.


Hover over a section in the pie graph to display the total hours for the time type.


Click a colour in the graph to immediately filter the list below by those hours only. Click on another colour to view those hours, or to remove the filtering, click the white space just outside the graph.


To remove the graph from the Productivity Dashboard, click the Graph button again.  It will be greyed out and the graph no longer displays.

Using Filters

On the Time entries list, you can filter on various columns. 

List Icon

Hover over a column heading and click the List icon.


The drop-down can be used to change the Filters for the column, Auto-size columns, or change which Columns are included in the list.

Initially, this displays the Filters settings for that column. When a Filter is applied, the Dashboard Calculations and Values will be updated.


To remove a Filter, click the List icon and click the Clear button.


Grouping the Time List

In a list that allows Grouping, when you expand the Columns tab on the left-hand side it displays the Row Groups and the Values sections.


To Group the list by a column, drag the header of the relevant column to the Row Groups (click and hold on the '=' sign to drag the column name).


When a Column has been selected as a Group

  • The list is Grouped by the column and this shows in the list with the heading of Group.
  • The column that has been added as a Group is displayed at the top of the columns.
  • To expand or collapse a Group, click the Expand or Collapse icon on the left-hand side of the value.
  • To remove a Group, click the next to it either at the top of the Columns or in the Row Groups.

AutoTime Entries

Time created using a custom process with AutoTime will display the Automation icon on the right-hand side of the row. 

1764 View Process Checklist Icon.gif

Using the Timer

Viewing Active Timers

If an active Timer is running for a time entry, a pulsing red dot will be displayed next to the Time value.

If the timer is paused, a paused symbol will be displayed.

Refer to Creating Time using the Timer.


In Progress Entries

In Progress entries are where a Timer has been started to track the time spent on a particular activity. Once the timer has been stopped, the Status will be updated to Draft. Paused timers will still show the status of "In Progress".

Click the "In Progress" Time Entry to open the Update Time drawer.

  • Click the Pause button to temporarily suspend the timer.
  • Click Play to resume the timer.
  • Click the Stop button to end the timer and create a Draft Time entry.


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