Employee Management Overview

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The Employee Management function of FYI allows practices to maintain secure records of their staff, including personal details, documents and activities. This is ideal when tracking information like:

  • Onboarding (including completed Learn courses and Prework activities)
  • Performance Reviews
  • Exit interviews and Offboarding processes

User Permissions

Employee Management introduces two new permissions to User Groups:

  • Employees - Management: This permission provides full access to Employee Management, including edit access to update employee records. By default, this feature will be enabled for the Admin group.

  • Employees - Access: The Employees - Access permission is best used for managers of different teams or divisions. Users in the user group with Employees - Access permission will be able to navigate to Practice - Employees, and view and edit only employees where the user has been listed as the Partner or Manager.

    Note: Employees - Access will be enabled by default if Employees - Management has been assigned to the User Group.

Refer to Managing User Groups.

New Employee Cabinet

A new Cabinet is created called "Employees". This cabinet is restricted to FYI Admins and users with permissions Employees - Management or Employees - Access enabled. The Employee cabinet cannot be deleted.

Emails and Documents cannot be filed to the Employee cabinet from the FYI Add-in used in Microsoft Office and Outlook.

Refer to Managing Cabinets.

Employee List

The Employees List provides a list of all employees across the practice. The employees are copied from the Practice Settings - Users list and re-created in the Employees list. 

The Employee List is accessed by clicking the Practice menu, and clicking the Employees tab. You can use this list to access the Employee workspace, view and export data on employees, or quickly create emails and phone records.

Refer to Using the Employee List.

Note: Employees are not included in the Search bar in the top menu bar (visible on every screen). This search is limited to groups, clients or jobs. 

Merge Employees from Clients

If you have previously been managing your employees by using a Client in FYI, you can now migrate your client to their employee record.

During the merge process, this will transfer all documents and tasks to the new employee. The Cabinets will also be updated to the Employee cabinet. Client Details will be merged, including Custom Fields, although for any details already populated on the Employee they will remain the point of truth and will not be overwritten.

The Merge process cannot be automated and will need to be completed individually for each employee.

Using Employee Management for Inactive Users

Employee Management can also be used for Inactive Users. This would be relevant where not all users in a practice actively use FYI but the practice wants to manage all employees in FYI. 

Custom fields on the Employees can be created to monitor their employment status, such as an 'Active Employee'. These custom fields can be used for Views and Automations.

All users need to be set up in FYI as active users. Refer to Managing Users.

Once the user appears in the Employees list, the custom fields can be updated to reflect their employment status. Any users that do not require access to FYI can be marked as 'Inactive' in Practice Settings - General.

Not Available for Employee Management

The following features are not available for Employee Management:

  • Users cannot file Emails and Documents to the Employee from the FYI Add-in used in Microsoft Office and Outlook.
  • Users will be unable to see the Process History of the employees the user is a partner/manager of.
  • Employee names cannot be searched using the Search in the top menu bar of FYI. This search bar is only used to search groups, clients or jobs. 
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