Employee Custom Fields (Beta)

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If you have set up Custom Fields for Employees, these are displayed on the Employee - Custom Fields tab in FYI

Note: Changes to Custom Fields can only be made by an FYI Admin or a User assigned to a User Group with access to Employee - Management or Employee - Access. Refer to Managing User Groups (Beta).

Displaying and Using the Custom Fields

Employee Custom Fields are displayed and maintained on the Employee - Custom Fields tab. You can add one or more Custom Fields as columns in the Employees List, as well as use Custom Fields to sort and filter the data. Refer to Employee List (Beta).

Custom Fields can also be used in Automations to create Custom Processes, for example creating an onboarding process based on the Employee's Start Date. Refer to Custom Processes.

Editing Employee Custom Fields

Changes to Employee Custom Fields can only be made by an FYI Admin or a User assigned to a User Group with access to Employee - Management or Employee - Access.

The Edit Custom Fields icon is displayed.

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Use the Hide Blank option to toggle empty fields on and off from view. Your preference will be remembered the next time you visit the tab.

Clicking the Edit Custom Fields icon allows multiple Custom Fields to be edited.

To edit an Employee Custom Field:

  1. In FYI, Employee - Custom Fields, click Edit Custom Fields. The fields will become editable.


  2. Enter or select the new value for the Custom Field.
    You can only enter or select a value according to how the Custom Field has been defined, for example, as Text, a Checkbox, select from a Drop-down, Number, etc.
    The following is an example of entering the value for a Date Custom Field.


  3. Click Save at the bottom of the screen to save the changes made to all the Custom Fields, and take the Employee record out of editing mode. Changes are recorded in the Activity tab. Refer to Employee Activity (Beta).


Clearing Employee Custom Fields

If a value has been added to a Custom Field text box, highlight the contents and press Delete or Backspace on the keyboard. After saving the settings, the Custom Field will be displayed with a hyphen (-).


To clear a Custom Field that's a date or drop-down, click the next to the Custom Field.


Employee Custom Field Definitions

The Client Custom Field definitions can be maintained in FYI by an FYI Admin who can add, edit or remove Custom Fields (refer to Managing Custom Fields).

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