Employee Summary

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The Summary tab displays a snapshot of the Employee details. 

Employee Details can be updated from the Employee Summary tab. To edit an Employee, the user must be an FYI Admin or be assigned to a User Group with access to Employee - Management or Employee - Access

Note: The Employee "Active" Status and the "Role" are maintained from the User profile. Refer to Managing Users.

You can also enter the details of a Phone CallFile Note, or Meeting related to the employee from the Employee Summary tab. 


At the bottom of the Employee - Summary tab are lists of the most recent documents and tasks for that employee. You can edit the documents and tasks directly from the Job - Summary tab, or by clicking the Tasks and Documents tabs.

Editing an Employee

At the top of the Employee Details section, the Edit Employee icon is included.

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To edit Employee fields:

  1. Click the Edit Employee icon. Multiple fields will become available to be edited.

  2. Enter or select the new value for the Field. You can only enter or select a value as relevant for the type of field, for example, as text, select from a drop-down, number etc. The following is an example of entering a Phone Number.


  3. Click Save at the bottom of the screen to save the changes made to the fields, and to take the Employee out of editing mode.


Changes made to an Employee will be displayed in the Employee Activity tab. Refer to Employee Activity.

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