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The Practice - Time List displays an overview of time and disbursement entries added directly in FYI. The list displays important information, including User, the Status of the time entry e.g. Submitted or Invoiced, Billable Rate, Invoiced Amount and any Write on/off values.

Displaying the Practice - Time tab

The Practice - Time tab is accessed from the Practice menu and is available to FYI admins, or a user in a User Group that has permissions enabled for Practice Activity.

The Practice - Time list is used in the same way as any list in FYI, without the search function. For example, you can sort and filter the columns in the same way as the Documents lists. Refer to the Help Centre section Using the Documents Lists.


Right-click on a field to copy the contents of that field, for example, the Billable Rate.

Working with the Practice - Time List


When a sort order has been applied to a column an arrow is displayed in the column heading.

  • Up arrow - ascending order
  • Down arrow - descending order
  • No arrow - the original sort order will be applied.


Adding Columns

You can add or remove columns to the Practice - Time list to include additional columns or to hide columns.

Columns can be added or removed:

  • From the Columns tab on the left-hand side.
  • From any of the Column Headings.

Tick to add a column to the list, and untick to remove a column.


Pinned Columns

To pin a column, you can click the List icon, and then click the Autosize Columns column to display the Pin Column option. As you scroll the list to the left and right, these columns will always remain visible. This is similar to the Freeze Panes feature in an Excel spreadsheet.

Columns can be pinned to the left or right of the list.


Grouping Columns

You can group information by one or more columns, for example, by Client, Client Group, Job, and Status. Only certain columns can be used for Grouping. For example, fields with a Date or Email cannot be used.

Click the Enable grouped view button to display Row Groups. Add columns to group matching results as required. 


When a column is Grouped, it will appear on the left of the List. If not pinned, it will be displayed after all the Pinned columns. Pin the Group column to display it as the first column.

Refer to Grouping Practice Invoice and Time Lists



Filters can be applied from:

  • The Filters tab on the left-hand side
  • The Filters option in the column heading for the relevant column.

As you make selections, the list will automatically update to reflect the filter. You can filter the list on a column even if the column is not displayed in the list.

Note: Filters are not relevant for some columns, including Jobs.

Click the Filters tab on the left-hand side to expand the Filters pane. The width of this section can be dragged left or right to expand/shrink as needed. Click on a column name to filter for on that column.


To filter from the column heading, hover over the column and click the List icon. Select the Filter option and select the filter values. Date columns can be filtered by relative or fixed dates. For example, Last Month.


Viewing Active Timers

If an active Timer is running for a time entry, a pulsing red dot will be displayed next to the Time value.

If the timer is paused, a paused symbol will be displayed.

Refer to Creating Time using the Timer.


Selecting Multiple Time and Disbursement Entries

Click the checkbox in the column heading to select multiple Time and Disbursement entries. This function is useful if you have filtered the list to show only what you want to select, for example, if you want to use Bulk Update on certain entries. 


Clicking the checkbox in the column heading selects the first 50 entries displayed in the list. You can then use the Bulk Update function. Refer to Time and Disbursements Bulk Update.

If required, click on the checkbox next to any individual entries to de-select them.


Save View

If you have changed the view to add/remove columns or filter the data, you can save the changed layout using the Save View. 

Click the View Tools button at the end of the column headings, on the right-hand side of the list and select Save View.

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The Save time view popup is displayed. Enter a name, select whether the view should be available for Lists or Reports, and whether to save the column order and filter selections.

For example, to easily identify all draft time entries for a particular month, a view can be saved with a filter set that Status is “Draft” and Date is filter to Relative “Last Month”.

This allows the user to access the information quickly and easily, rather than having to filter each time. 


Click Save and Close.

Refer to Saving Changes to the View Layout, Modifying and Deleting Views.

Exporting List

The CSV Export function allows you to export the list that is currently displayed as a .CSV (Comma Delimited) file, which can then be opened in Excel.

Refer to Exporting Lists.

Displaying the Drawer for a Time Entry

Clicking on an entry in the Practice - Time List displays the relevant update drawer. Time and Disbursement entries can be edited if they are in Draft or Submitted status.


Once the time reaches the Invoiced or Locked status, the Update drawer will be read only.


Refer to Creating Individual Time Entries and Creating Disbursements.

Display Invoice

Where Time and Disbursement entries have been invoiced, the relevant invoice can be displayed from the Practice - Time List. Click the Invoice icon on the right of the row to open the Invoice Drawer.


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