"The Step cannot be removed as other steps depend on it" when deleting an automation step


When trying to delete a step in an automation, the following error is displayed:

  • "The Step cannot be removed as other steps depend on it."


Another step in the automation is using that step to complete an action. This dependency will need to be removed before the step can be deleted.


You will need to review each of the steps in the automation to find the dependency. This is typically displayed by referring to the step number. 

In the example below, Step 4 - Alter Document can be linked to a document in either Step 1 and Step 3. If step 1 was selected in step 4, then step 1 would not be able to be deleted. The user would need to either link to a different step, or Step 4 would need to be deleted first.

2548 Alter Document Select Document Created in Process.gif

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