Announcing the release of New Collaborate


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We're excited to announce the highly anticipated release of New Collaborate, the new way to securely share documents with your clients.

What does this mean for FYI users?

New Collaborate allows practices to build their own dedicated Client Portal, with clients given access to their own unique folder for sharing documents. 

  • Customisable site - New Collaborate uses SharePoint to allow practices to build a customisable Client Portal to share news and information with their clients, in addition to sharing documents. 

  • Branding - The Client Portal can be updated with logos, colours, and more so that the design reflects the practice's branding.

  • Easy setup - New Collaborate sites can be created right from within FYI using the setup wizard, and uses a standard template so you can start using the new site immediately.

  • Secure Access - Collaborate uses Microsoft 365 Authentication (or Google/Facebook at the practice's discretion) with the ability to implement Multi-factor Authentication.

  • Efficient - Manage client access directly from within FYI, adding and removing sharing settings, and even automatically sharing the entire Share Folder with clients. Clients have a single link to access shared documents and upload files.

  • Co-edit documents - We've retained the ability to share and edit a document with clients in real time. Documents will be uploaded to SharePoint, where your team and clients will be able to work on a document together at the same time. When you're done, simply click "Finish Editing" and the document will be filed back into FYI.

  • Status Screen - Easily identify any potential configuration issues, including the Sharing permissions for clients.

Who is this available for?

Collaborate is available for all practices on the Pro plan. There are no additional charges for inviting your clients to use New Collaborate.

What's next?

New Collaborate is available for all practices now. 


We've highlighted some key resources below, and you can find comprehensive information in the Collaborate section of our Help Centre. 


To support the release of New Collaborate, we've also launched a new Learn course, Collaborating with Clients.

Available to all FYI users, Collaborating with Clients teaches users how to effectively collaborate with clients from the New Collaborate's dedicated client portal, sharing documents, co-editing files, and more. Refer to Learn.

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