Uninstalling the FYI Migrate App

The FYI Migrate app saves your settings to a folder on the computer. To uninstall the app and remove historical data, you will need to remove this folder manually.

Note: It's strongly recommended to remove this folder after you have successfully migrated data into FYI.

Delete the Settings File

Note: Ensure you are logged in as the user that imported data using the FYI Migrate app.

  1. Open a Windows Explorer window.

  2. In the address/folder bar type in %appdata% and press Enter.

  3. The AppData - Roaming folder will open.
  4. Delete the FYI Migrate folder. If the folder is not there, continue to the next step.
  5. Click the Up arrow to go one folder level up to the AppData folder.

  6. Open the Local folder.
  7. Delete the FYI Migrate folder.

You have now completed the uninstallation of the FYI Migrate App.

To reinstall the program refer to Using the FYI Migrate App to Sync your Data.

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