Uninstalling FYI Desktop App

Uninstalling the FYI Desktop App requires using the Windows Uninstallation process, as well as manually deleting the remaining folders. This will ensure there are no settings retained, should you need to reinstall the program at a later date.

Step 1 - Exit the FYI Desktop App

  1. Right-click the FYI Desktop icon that displays in your Windows taskbar at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Click Exit.

    2757 FYI Desktop App menu.gif

  3. The FYI Desktop app will be closed and the icon will be removed from your Windows taskbar.

Step 2 - Uninstall FYI Desktop App

  1. In Windows, click the Start menu icon.

  2. Type Control Panel and open the Control Panel app.

  3. Click Programs and Features.
    Depending on your view you may need to click on Programs > Programs and Features.

  4. Locate FYI Desktop in the list.

  5. Right-click and select Uninstall.

  6. If prompted to allow changes to the device, click Yes.

  7. The program will be uninstalled

Complete the remaining steps to manually remove the folders.

Step 3 - Delete the Settings File

Note: Ensure you are logged in as the user that installed the FYI Desktop App.

  1. Open a Windows Explorer window.

  2. In the address/folder bar type in %appdata% and press Enter.

  3. The AppData\Roaming folder will open.
  4. Delete the folder FYI Desktop.
  5. Click the Up arrow to go one folder level up to the AppData folder.

  6. Open the Local folder.
  7. Delete the FYIDesktop folder.

You have now completed the uninstallation of the FYI Desktop App.

To reinstall the program refer to FYI Desktop App.

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