Best Practice for working with IT Admins

When engaging an IT administrator to assist with using FYI, the following recommendations will help to ensure the security of your data, especially if the user works with multiple FYI practices.

Provide a Unique Email Address to Log In

When logging into FYI, or using any of the FYI tools (for example, the FYI Desktop App or Migrate App), the IT Administrator will need an email address to log in with. 

Email addresses in FYI need to be unique, and cannot be used across multiple sites. If the IT administrator is working with multiple FYI practices, they will not be able to use the same email address for each practice.

Create a new email address

We recommend creating a new email address specifically for the IT admin using your practice's email domain. For example,

Providing an email address specific to your practice reduces the risk of the IT administrator logging into a different database by mistake - the company name in the email address will provide another point of recognition for which practice they're logging into.

Speak to your system administrator to request they create a new email address, and then add the new user to FYI. Refer to Inviting New Users to Start Using FYI.

Check which practice the user is logged into

Show the IT administrator how to check which practice they're logged into. It's a good habit to get into and avoid the data from potentially being added to the wrong practice.

FYI displays the practice in the Settings menu, available by clicking the user icon in the top right-hand corner. 

730 Standard User Settings.gif

Post-Migration Settings Removal

During the migration progress, the FYI Migrate app creates a local folder on the local computer. This folder is used by the migration process but is not required once the migration has been completed.

After a migration project has been completed, it's essential that your IT Administrators remove this folder

For detailed instructions refer to Uninstalling the FYI Migrate App.

Log out or Uninstall Desktop Apps after work is finished

After the work has been completed, the IT administrator should log out or uninstall the apps completely. This will ensure there are no remaining settings or files related to your practice.

Below is a link to resources you should send to your IT administrator:

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